Quebec City and Montreal

Oh, how I wish I could parlay to you how amazing Quebec City is. It's about as close to Europe you're gonna get in North America. The beauty of the French language, the people who are so friendly...oh, and not paying the prices of Europe;)

The beauty of this city can't be fully captured in a picture. We went for our anniversary a few years ago for a quick weekend. My only regret is we didn't have more time. Oh, and that whole part about Sprint not adding international unlimited for a nominal fee that we had discussed. But, all in all. Loved. every. second.

These next few pictures are of the famed Chateau Frontenac hotel in Quebec City. It is known as the most photographed hotel in the world. and it is fantastic. The views overlooking The St. Lawrence River are breathtaking.

 Love the view from this park we stumbled into.

 The beautiful Parliament building

 at the gates of the fort, these potted plants were splayed throughout this park and so beautiful

 This beautiful church is the Notre-Dame-Victories

 Unique art exhibit at the Musée dw l'Amérique Francaise in QC.

The Old Quebec Funicular
 It links the Haute-Ville (Upper Town) to the Basse-Ville (Lower Town),

On our way out of the city, we made some stops and the first was at what could only be described as 'visually appealing' if I can use the largest understatement of the year.

 The view from the bottom.
 Halfway up. and getting soaked.
 These are the stairs you can take to the top, the ones you just saw us halfway up. My thighs are quaking again just thinking of it. and a couple with twin baby girls strapped to their chests...walked the whole way up. Obviosuly they're insane. or they are goods friends with Sean T and his insanity cult;)
This is the view from the bridge on top...after we were smartie pants and took the cable car across.
back on the bottom and dry ground.

This is another gorgeous gorge and falls we stumbled upon and I wish I could remember the name.

Wiki pretending to jump in. I must've been on a tear or something...

and next up was Montreal. We were only there for a day before we headed to Vermont for a week and unfortunately I only have two pictures. but I will give you at least a peak.

The alter in the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. So beautiful.

This is the beautiful Saint Joseph's Oratory. The grounds were impeccable.

So this was our trip and for our ten year this June, I really hope we can go back to these enchanted towns. Loved them.

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6 comments on "Quebec City and Montreal"
  1. How beautiful are all these pictures?! I've been to Toronto..and it looked nothing like this..the architecture is breathtaking!

  2. oh wow this is gorgeous i love all the old buildings, especially parliament!

  3. Love Quebec City & Montreal :) Never seen that waterfall though, great find!!

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  4. How close are Quebec City and Montreal? My boyfriend and I have discussed going to Montreal, but your pictures of QC look intriguing. Love the waterfall pics, too!


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