The Good, The Bad and St. Augustine

How has another Friday come and gone? Last week at this time we were packing up from our jaunt to South Florida and making our way back home. Little did I know that our 12 hour drive would turn into 36 hrs. I am not sure what exactly I was thinking...after 12 years together, you'd think I would know better!

So before I get to the good and the bad and all the pictures that captured them, here are a few letters.

Dear March, you have started out 15 degrees below normal. not cool, March not cool. Well, in reality, frigid...but you get me. Dear Basketball Season, how are you almost over...again? You have flown by this year. I can't believe we only have a few games left to work. Dear whatever new allergy I have developed this week, Seriously? Annoying, but the epi pen beat you, so really...I won again. Dear Sunshine, I am so excited that come Sunday, there will be more of you in my day, excuse me in advance when I seem all kindsa ungrateful when I first wake up after losing an hour of sleep. I will get over it, I am sure.

The good. AKA the High Fives, The Happies and the Peaks
Spending so much time with Wiki's family. I actually love my in laws and am sad when they leave. Exploring new places on the way home from Florida. Chowing on some good grub all week long! Losing weight on my vacation. This has never happened before and don't ask me how, I don't have an answer. haha

The bad...aka the Pits and the Crappies.
I don't really have much to be honest! woo hoo! The weather hates me, warmth, please stop evading me! and my throat swelling from some new unfound allergy. I am really careful with the massive amounts of allergies I have and I really get frustrated when something gives me an adverse reaction and I can't figure out what it is.

our week in pictures.

 On our way up we stopped in Titusville around 2 to meet up with a friend and have lunch. then we saw the 45 minute wait and decided to move on, but supposedly sooooo good. next time 

so our next stop was one of my favorites: St. Augustine! 

We has dinner at Harry's and oh. my. gosh. So beyond delicious. and I love the lit up courtyard.
 Love this oldie!
 and so did my father in law!
look at all that chrome!
 we stumbled into an olive oil and flavored vinegar bar.
 love the cathedral, dates back to 1565.
 We almost got married here, but when we looked into it, we had way too many guests.
We found this amazing coffee shop. The girls who worked here were above awesome! and my husband and in laws both purchased a pound of their coffee, they were in love. Not me, no coffee. but their hot cocoa was to die for!
 and last up is what was formerly the Ponce de Leon hotel and is now
Flagler college. Hello, I would have loved to go to school there!

That was our trip there and then on Saturday morning when meandered up the road to the quaint town of St. Mary's, Georgia. We spent a lot of time in this sleepy little town!

On the porch of the historic Spencer house.

We are back home and trying to lay low before we both travel again next week on separate trips. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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