Bloggy Hiatus via Food Failure

 I know, I know...I keep saying I have food and trips to show and still the time evades me from posting them and then there is the fact that last night I was making creme brulee brownie cookies and carrot cake whoopie pies and the floor got to enjoy them instead;)

and I could mention how pissed I am that my plate is smashed. Ten years I have had them and I never broke any of the 12...
Watch, now that I mentioned it, Murphy's law will take effect and the other eleven will soon meet their untimely demise;)

But I promise to be back soon once things have settled. Like...I better be back tomorrow;)

3 comments on "Bloggy Hiatus via Food Failure"
  1. Um, get back soon because both those recipes sound deeeeelish!

  2. As long as you don't take a #bffhiatus I will be ok. And at least the whoopies that are on the floor still look delicious?


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