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While the term "diva" often makes one conjure up negative images, in this scenario I cannot, no matter how hard I try & try, I can't say enough great things about how positive my experience was in working w/Andrea from Slightly Askew Designs. I stumbled upon her sight from another blog I frequently check out and I was instantly enamored by her work. The designs are awesome and creative w/out being too much. Sometimes I feel like blogs are yelling when I look at them, there's so much going on that I can't concentrate on the gist of whatever their point is, not w/her designs, it's a slight whisper that makes you intrigued to hear more. 

I emailed her and gave her a few hints as to what type of things make me happy and in a few short weeks she sent me a rough draft that I adored right off the bat. She is really she was all up in my head or something;) haha And the best part, my oh so favorite cost me a whopping $35. yes, I know, basically I robbed her. I looked and looked into having someone do my page I've stated, my ineptitude when it comes to computers is...yeah, it is what it is. And every page I looked into that seemed as if my taste could readily be incorporated started at over $150, ummm no thanks. Call me crazy but I find $35 a tad bit preferential!

She just doesn't do blogs, she does invites and announcements, check her work out, I promise double pinky'll thank me later.

and I promise to have more food and drink this weekend. I have a bacon wrapped zucchini recipe and  salted caramel whoopie pie goodness to bring to you.

Again her sight is

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