Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Can you say "yum?" Admittedly, I was unfamiliar w/this treat until my last name became one that ends w/a vowel. haha The first time I tried one...ended badly. I have extremely sensitive taste buds and if there is the SLIGHTEST hint of something I do not care for, then I can't do it. and most of these are laced w/anise, basically black liquorice. ummmm, ECH. I was completely against ever trying one again when I was informed they aren't always that flavor, life is good again;).

As we know I love to try and experiment w/things I have laying around. We were in NH on vacation and the mamma in law had brought some w/her and I looked at them and ding ding ding, thought  'wouldn't these be fabulous w/ice cream in the middle?!' and yes, frankly speaking, they were. haha and obviously from the amount of recipes I saw for this very thing, others were quicker to the draw on this idea than me. 

You can purchase pre made pizzelles or if you come from a family like Wiki's, they'll be made for every get together! Score and if not, here's an easy recipe:pizzelle recipe.

Once you have the cookies, get your favorite flavor of ice cream and get ready for some goodness!

2 cups ice cream of your choice
8 cookies
aluminum foil

place one cookie on sheet of foil, top w/half cup softened ice cream and top w/cookie. Wrap tightly in foil and place in freezer for 2 hours. You can take these out sooner than the 2 hour mark, but this way the cookie has slightly softened and melts in your mouth. Such a simple treat! 


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