A Jaunt To Visit A Housewife

Super excited to be doing my first guest post over on one of my favorite reads: The Real Young Housewife of Southern Virginia. and the ever Lovely Lauran! 

I am pumped to be sponsoring her and her blog this month and always love reading what she has to say. Plus, I may drool over her creations she has been churning out lately between her instagram and blog. Yum!

If you are not familiar with her little piece of the bloggy world, do yourself a favor and get on over there! Virginia girls rock;)

And I have been on a slight hiatus b/c I was out of town in NYC taking taking the culinary classes Wiki got me for Christmas. Can't wait to share all about it tomorrow!

Till then,
2 comments on "A Jaunt To Visit A Housewife"
  1. When I first read your title... I thought you were saying "I want to be a housewife..." and I thought... me too!! Ha! Going to look now!!

  2. Well..you know I had to go over there to see you ;)


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