Please Come to Boston

Actually, that's a slight understatement, as it was closer to two weeks over the holidays. We had so many family parties to attend, but we also had extra time to g into the city and explore. And since Wiki could very much have a job as a tour guide in "his city" I always love finding new places that he already loves. 

I end up having a meeting in the city one day and he dropped me off. It went really well and will hopefully mean great things for me this year. To celebrate we had drinks at the Towne and later Lauren from Sweet Tea Party  joined us! Had such a great time hanging out and getting to know her a little bit. We are both Virginia gals. otherwise known as the best there is.

Afterwards we walked around Commonwealth Ave for a few minutes before we headed to the North End to meet up with his parents and Aunt for after dinner drinks to celebrate his aunt's birthday. We stopped at an old family favorite and I had the best cappuccino martini and the mister had an espresso. I think I won.

Then we headed to Bova's for a few pastries and I ate them all in roughly 2.5 seconds so as much as I would love to share pictures of their goodness...sorry bout it! I really like Mike's in the North End, but the wait on a weekend night is way too long and Bova's is pretty darn tasty. I had no complaints. 

Then we headed to Luca's for drinks and I was so hungry that we ordered from their bar menu. They had a small plate of bolognese sauce and thinking about it now makes me ravenous. It was extremely expensive for my portion size. And guess what, let me tell you that every bite was worth it. To die for.

We spent the next whole day in Cambridge and I can't wait to show those with you soon. The history makes me happy. I could get lost in this city for days, my heart loves it so. 
7 comments on "Please Come to Boston"
  1. Oh, I love Boston! My husband is running the marathon again this excited to visit Boston again!

  2. One of my top places to visit one day. My friend from high school moved there and I am so envious of all the gorgeous photos she posts.

  3. I really need to go into Boston more. I am such a suburbanite! Haha! Brianne better let us know when she comes to Boston so we can all get together! Girls Night!!

  4. i've only been to boston once but I LOVED IT SO MUCH. we spent so much time walking around, i bought a harvard tshirt and wore it all weekend and pretended that i went there LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Modern Pastry is better than Mike's if you need another fix! :)

  6. obviously, i love this post. you've legit been to more places in Boston that I have! i lived 20 mins out so i know all the suburb stuff more.

  7. Such beautiful photos-- I would love to visit there!


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