And The Wolf Cried

This past weekend went so quickly. And for Wiki to have worked most of it, we actually fit a lot in. It was my first weekend at home with no set in stone plans since the weekend before Thanksgiving. Almost 2 months and besides cleaning, we just got to enjoy each other(minus the few moments I wanted to throw him off a bridge, but you know...marriage;) 

My mom made me this wreath for winter/valentines. Love how it came out!

Last month the Mellow Mushrooms in our area gave away envelopes under the premise that you would hold onto it, unopened, until January and then you would turn into your server and whatever was on it, you got that night. I was pretty much expecting it to be a free drink or appetizer, but we got lucky and it was a free pizza! Score one for a free dinner. I devoured my bbq bacon pizza!

Afterwards we decided to catch a showing of The Wolf On Wall Street. I actually really enjoyed it, but I did think it was slightly long. And there were gratuitous amounts of sexual situations and maybe the world record for the F word in a movie. But I just look at is as the best way to properly showcase the ridiculousness that is this story. When I got home home...I may have been on Wikepedia learning what was true and what wasn't. And the scary thing is the most ludicrous parts were true. 

Saturday I cleaned and after 6 hours my house is still not up to par. Having three floors sometimes makes me want to cry. Or hire a maid. Or maybe drink wine and cry while the maid cleans. Sounds dreamy. Anyways, later that night we went over to visit with friends and watch the Patriots game(woohoo!) and I made a dessert. I was tight on time and just went with what I had in the cupboard and I came up with a pumpkin butterscotch cake with a bourbon cider glaze. So good! Recipe coming tomorrow! May as well use up your holiday ingredients if you haven't!

Yesterday we had to work the women's game at Duke and afterwards we went to the Pit in Durham and indulged in some yummy bbq while we watched the Denver/SD game. These fried green tomatoes with goat cheese crumbles are to die for!

and even better, they have about 30 bourbons and you can get a "nip" or a full glass. I went with a few nips and I adore their set up for it! Makes it more of an experience. Serve it with ice and water to let you create your perfect drink choice. Mine is just like it comes from the bottle. With maybe a drop of water. Or as you may have heard it referred to before, "bourbon and branch" So delicious. and a perfect end to a rather low key weekend at home.

7 comments on "And The Wolf Cried"
  1. So in love with that wreath!!!! Since your mom and I are Bff's, we need to have a crafting session where she teaches me her ways ;)

  2. That wreath is so pretty, love the pop of red. The fried green tomatoes look amazing!

  3. Love the wreath! Definitely with you on not wanting to clean- although my one bedroom apartment is probably a lot easier.

  4. my husband bought a bourbon calls Woods-something and down like, 2 glasses; then came upstairs after the patriots game buzzed!

    love how the wreath turned out!

  5. I really want to see Wolf on Wall Street, glad to hear it's good! I don't think you can go wrong with Leo! :) I am with everyone else, love that wreath! So unique.

  6. Love the colors on the wreath! Mmmmm the Pit! I still haven't been to the new Durham location, but luckily I've been to the Raleigh one a few times! Do you work any of the Duke men's games?

  7. That wreath is on my to-do list!! Love it!


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