No, but seriously. When I envisioned my adult life... it rarely held a moment of my husband and I hovering over a trashcan with a pair of scissors cutting hair and floss out of a vacuum. But somehow that happened this morning. Because my beloved Eureka was acting all a fool and I had little energy to even contemplate getting another. 

Between going home for my niece and visiting my brother and his wife a few times this month, my house somehow began to resemble something on hoarders and since we have company coming in for the next few days, my bootie had to spend every waking moment reversing that trend. and I am exhausted. I actually fell asleep in the stairs last night holding two light bulbs out for my husband to change. 

And then we thought we had reached the magic moment of being done and we were handing the ropes off to the carpet cleaning guys when everything went all to hell. First they came yesterday and the outside water source was frozen and they couldn't do it. Which led to a phone call to my husband that ended with me basically threatening all he held dear and almost crying. Luckily for him, no tears. Because there are few things in life I hate more than crying over something out of frustration and he knows if the tears start to fall that bad things are a comin'. 

I held out and then an hour later the doorbell rang and I was greeted by these delightful creatures. 

See, I told you, he could tell tears were almost on the horizon and he made a preemptive strike and ordered me these. Some people would be like "awwww, he's so sweet, getting you those for all the work around the house and bc you're overwhelmed" No. This is called he is smart and knows I was about to blow a gasket. haha either way, I may have eaten six of them in 2.8 seconds and no, I do not feel bad about it. He scored points, I'll give him that. My adoration will probably last about a week till I will need something else;)

Then, today, they came and decided that they couldn't reach the hose to do the carpets up to our third floor. This was decided in about a minute without even trying to see if the hose would reach. This all made me really happy considering they came yesterday and tested the hose and so they knew how my house was setup and so I am clueless as to how all of this couldn't be determined yesterday before wasting my time again today...but what do I know other than that led to us hovering over the trash can because my baby eureka was not working to capacity and when we turned her know, hair and floss. And gross. How did this become my life? Being an adult sucks, unlike my Eureka, she better get her sucking skills up to par again soon.

Anyways, we and by we, I mean me literally rearranged all three floors of our house this week and I am over it, but pleased with the results. This is the first time I have even looked at a computer that wasn't on my phone in almost ten days and I am about to take a bath and hope to not fall asleep in the tub...cause that happened once, but you know, it was the win's fault. 

and I think that is all the rambling I can fit in a post in one day. 

6 comments on "Eurekkkkkaaaa"
  1. Awww hubby's sure do know best...but I have to admit, I was hoping to see a picture of you passed out on the stairs with the light bulbs in your hands hahaha

  2. I actually enjoy cutting the hair out of the vacuum.... and that might be one of the weirdest things I've ever written. I shed SO much, so it's like a weekly occurrence to sit down with the scissors and flip the vacuum over to clean it out. Annnnddddd welcome to adult life. Haha!

  3. Between the pup and my hair I am constantly having to clean my vacuum. Hubby is a smart one for shutting down the meltdown to come with chocolate! Chocolate and wine always wins! ;)

  4. hahaha he is so smart!! He gets lots of credit for that, wise wise man.

  5. the hair in the vaccum!! it's ridiculous. i hate doing it so i make my husband do it and then he complains about how gross it is and how it's not fair since he shaves his head.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. The same thing just happened with our vacuum! Cleaning is seriously the worst.



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