Bacon Is Not A Fad

Basically today is going to be a bunch of random and other than my first point about bacon, I have no idea where this is going to even go. Because right now I care only about bacon. I mean I love it so much that Kerry and Brianne both gifted me these items. 

I came across an instagram account the other day and I remember nothing about it other than she "hates this whole bacon fad thing and wishes people would stop with it". Excuse me a second while my body takes a few moments to calm down from this thought process. If loving bacon is a fad, then fancy me a follower. 

In case you missed my post where I declared all my loves in order, let me remind you. Bacon is in a tie with my family, right after Jesus. I keep Him in his rightful place, mind you...but after that bacon is a pretty close second. So please keep making bacon goodness. 

And on that note, do not invite me over for breakfast, offer me bacon and when I go to eat it...It came from a turkey. I may shock some of you guys right now, but a turkey has no bacon. Bacon is not purple.or whatever that color can rightly be referred to. If you do this to me, I will know with no doubts that you hate me. Pancetta bacon is perfectly acceptable. Turkey bacon. No. 

When I think of bacon, I think of bourbon. Oh, how I love you bourbon. I may have had more than one dinner that was just bacon and bourbon. I like to keep it classy. But seriously, even if you do not drink alcohol, there has never been a better friend to your bacon(or any pork dish) than bourbon. Spicy Bourbon bacon popcorn? If you insist. 

Speaking of bourbon, did you guys see the dialectic test going around fb? My husband and I both took it and he got Boston, Providence and Newark. Then I took it and got Lexington and Louisville, KY and Winston Salem, NC. So about this, I assume that the computer just somehow ascertained how much I adore bourbon and so just guessed that I was from its home. Because I am from Virginia. and I do not sound like I am from Kentucky. Somebody better back me up on this.

And that is all the random I could come up with while I watch Sleepy Hollow. And now I want some bacon. Hmmmm.

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7 comments on "Bacon Is Not A Fad"
  1. um, bacon is amazing. that person who was all hating on it is wack.

    my girls and i had a 'bacon night' and every dish we brought had to have bacon in it. BEST NIGHT EVER.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. That person obviously needs more bacon in their life. Possibly hugs, as well.

    I, too, have a serious addiction to bacon and I don't care who knows it!

  3. clearly that person wasn't allowed to eat bacon when they were a kid. so mad!
    i love bacon by itself. LOVE it extra crispy. but i don't like when it's in stuff. i actually made a hash last night of bacon, sweet potato and apple and it was the grossest thing ever and i'm so upset i wasted all that bacon.
    i honestly don't even understand turkey bacon, it looks like a processed meat. barf!

  4. I love bacon. Sorry definitely not sorry.

  5. Bacon is not a's for life...she needs a baconvention for sure. Now go hug your pillow from carry and drink out of your mug to prove a point ;)

  6. Whoever said bacon is a fad needs a swift kick in the shin. Because that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Bacon is just damn good and that's all there is about it.

    Also- turkey bacon. NO! My parents started having this stuff at home, and I got really angry when I went home and my dad said they had bacon, but then served me turkey bacon. Get that crap outta here.

  7. Bacon never goes out of style. Turkey bacon, puh-lease! Gross.


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