The Not So Terrible Twos

This past weekend my blog turned the big two. I can't believe the time has flown by that quick. When I first started this venture, it was simply as a way to easily share my recipes whenever friends would email me asking for them. I didn't really think anyone else would ever really even read it. So the beginning efforts were something to behold. In a way opposite of amazing.

Then one day, after being away from Facebook for over a year while dealing with my PTSD and bipolar, I took the plunge and wrote about a few of my experiences, posted it on fb and a few friends hit share. I never never imagined the responses and the relationships that could grow from putting thoughts down and hitting publish. 

I have made so many real life friends from this endeavor and I have found that my voice somehow is louder when spoken via the written word;) 

This week I thought I would share a few of my favorite posts from the past two years, tomorrow will be my favorite recipes, Thursday will be cocktails and Friday will be overall favorites.Accompanied by a giveaway!  Today though...

WhooPie Pies.


4 comments on "The Not So Terrible Twos"
  1. The carrot cake ones are perfect for a homecoming gift for my man. He comes home Friday after being gone for work for three weeks. He LOVES carrot cake. Hopefully I won't eat them all before he arrives.

  2. The carrot cake ones would be a big hit with my Dad. The oatmeal and butterscotch would be my choice though the Pineapple and Malibu would be a close second! Congrats on two years, so glad blogging brought us together, friend!

  3. Whoo, two!! I'm glad the red velvet with bourbon cream cheese filling made the list, you know it's my favorite!!

  4. yahoo! happy blogaversary! give me all the carrot cake; it's one of my favorites!!!!

    Vodka and Soda


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