A Few Confessions

Thought that I would link up for the Hump Day confessions and so here are a few things I must confess...

I cannot believe it is February. This year is flying by even quicker than usual. Although...as cold as this year has already been, I will gladly skip through the rest of this month to get to some warmer temps.

A week later and I am still absolutely loving our new bedroom set. We are just missing the media center(as that was a custom order and we have to wait) and I adore how it looks. Can't wait to show all the details once I have it complete. And when Wiki hangs all the photos. So, now that I think about it...you may never see the finished product.

We had friends in this weekend and we really didn't do all that much other than take in some Duke basketball and have a food tour through the triangle. They left yesterday and I already miss them. Distance sucks. 

I never thought that I could tire of BBQ. I am rethinking that stance right about now. Our friend who was visiting from Boston has celiac and so we have to really be careful with eating out and especially about cross contamination. Durham is basically a haven for Gluten free options, but he also really loves bbq.  Four meals of it in three days and I have had my fill. 

Speaking of gluten free, we got a pecan pie from Whole Foods and it may be on par with any gluten filled pecan pie I have ever eaten. Oh, my gracious. Except my grandma's( c'mon, I may have bipolar, but I ain't no crazy;)

I had the norovirus or some other deadly make me want to end it all stomach bugs starting about midway through the superbowl. I just started feeling disgusting and thought maybe I had drank a little too much and then I realized I had only had a mimosa. I decided to cut to sleep early and by 1:30...I gave up on life and after 2 hours of hell, I decided to do myself and my bed and carpet a favor and put blankets down in the bathroom. Death was super rude and didn't come for me. I lost 8lbs in two days so I suppose I will take it. Not worth it. Not worth it!

I didn't leave bed until 6:30 at night on Monday night. My sweet friend Srey made me some soup and I barely kept it down. Thank goodness Tony kept them busy while I was a horrible host and slept( or if you look at is as I was a great host and didn't want to get them sick)

GeoQpons is the greatest app for coupons ever. This week alone I had 25% off at B & BW, 20% off at payless, $30 off of $75 at New York & Co. and 50% off at AC Moore(that you can use there or michaels, hobby lobby or Joann's Fabric) and the best part about the sight is that you can use the coupons over and over. I have had it for almost 3 years and it just gets better and better. 

And I must confess that I really, really hope that Miss Evangeline(Evie) gets to come home soon. She has been in NICU for almost 5 weeks now and my brother and his wife would really love to have her at home. Just pray that she gets to eating. She is working on it but still not quite up to par. 

Those are my confessions for the week. 

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8 comments on "A Few Confessions"
  1. the norovirus!! that went around over the holidays and it was hell for those who caught it. it also spread like wildfire -- everyone who went to my friend's party got it. glad yo'ure better.

    and i hope your niece gets to go home soon. she's adorable.

    thanks for linking up!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Sick of BBQ? Say What?? So sorry you got that virus. Yeah for the weight loss but not the way it happened! Praying for Evie to come home!

  3. Going to need to try GeoQpons! Sounds amazing!! And hope you're feeling 100% again now- the flu is never fun!

  4. I've never heard of GeoQpons... definitely going to check it out!

  5. Praying for sweet Evie! And I want to try that pecan pie....yum!

  6. Hey Maddie! Just stopping by from Humpday confessions! Aww poor little girl, hope your niece comes home soon! She's too cute! :) Hang in there, it will be OK! :) I cant believe its February either, next thing we know it will be Summer! Talk soon lovely! You can see my confessions here! http://bit.ly/1isBZtW

    All the best,

  7. Praying for your Brother and the Baby-- oh, and for your love of the BBQ to be rekindled :)

  8. I like your bedroom set.

    I would try that pecan pie. My MIL is gluten free so I'm always searching for stuff to have at the house when she visits.


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