Baby Shower At A Wine Bar

is really the best idea ever. I wholeheartedly support our choice in this venue to celebrate our sweet friend, Tharina, and her bundle o'boy. 

When our friend Megan was going around with places to host the shower, I was more than joyous when she chose Fig. It is one of my favorite places in the area and I may spend more than enough of my time there;) 

And excuse me if I take a moment to tell you that one of my favorite parts about hosting this shower was the taste test that Megan and I were able to indulge ourselves in;) Tasting all the mimosa flavors and deciding between malbec and merlot: yes, please. (for the record, malbec always wins, but tasting is always needed...just in case that rare chance happens and it isn't) 

When the big day arrived, Fig once again lived up to the hype. Fig is located in a historic home in Wake Forest and that adds to its charm. We were placed in the front room and they closed the sliding doors to give us our own closed off space. 

We had a light brunch for the ladies in attendance, we chose some fresh fruit, a nice salad and their quiche of the day(just look at the size of that decadent treat!) and their chicken salad sandwich. We ended up going with a mimosa bar and three different fresh juices versus going with the wine card and it was a great choice. 

Megan had set up a few games, the candy match being one of my favorites and I may have had a couple of twix. and then we opened the gifts. 

The shower didn't really have a them per se, more so we went with grey and light blue and had just a few touches around the room as Fig didn't really need extra decor. 

This weekend Mr. Elijah came early and I cannot wait to meet the little guy. Tharina, thanks for becoming one of my closet friends. We love having you guys as neighbors, but our thai place would never be the same without you. Love you, sweet friend!

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7 comments on "Baby Shower At A Wine Bar"
  1. sounds like a great time and that taste test? BRILLIANT!!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I would totally have a baby shower at a wine bar! Why not?! Plus, not everyone is pregnant! Haha. Your apps looked tasty! :)

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  3. Really a taste test is a must! All the food looks amazing! Great job!

  4. Well if that isn't the BEST idea! Wine+baby shower = awesome.

  5. Baby shower at a wine bar – sounds odd but who would’ve thought it would be fun? But with such delectable cuisine and fine bottles of wine, I say why not, right? After all, not everyone in the shower is pregnant. When are you due? Congratulations in advance! Kate @ Ziryab

  6. Looks like a gorgeous baby shower with delicious food!


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