Cambridge For The Day

When we were back in Boston over the holidays, we were able to spend an afternoon in Cambridge and I do love that town. As a book lover and history nerd, you get your feel in this place. Wandering the streets, it is not hard to immerse yourself in it. imagining the students who studied at Harvard. Thinking about Longfellow, Howell and Lowell and all the others who were members of  the fireside poets

I could go on and on...but for now, just a few of my favorite pictures from our day there. First up, we enjoyed a burger in Inman Square at an Irish Pub, the Druid. And it was so damn good. Cambridge is a haven for good burgers and there are more popular options, but I heart this place so big.

And then...onto campus and the lovely Havhad Yahd. 

Memorial Hall

and this building is my favorite...I think it looks like a man. in a rain jacket, ok. I have no idea where that comes from. Whateever, I just love it and the door. I die for the door.

If you are ever in Boston, you really need to take the time to head into Cambridge. The architecture, the history, the food...just the whole vibrancy of the town is worth the visit.
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  1. I really need to explore Boston more, I think you know it better than I do and I live here. Well in the suburbs, but still.

  2. I've gone to Cambridge for dinner here and there but have never explored or played tourist. Need to get on that- looks so nice!

  3. I haven't been to Boston since I was little, and I really, really want to go back! Now that I understand and know the history and appreciate old cities like that, I definitely want to see it with fresh eyes. The hubs hates Boston sports and so is not supportive of my plan... but I'll get him there one day or another :)

  4. yes! i loved cambridge when i went to boston to visit. such a cute little town.

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