What A Week

This has been one of those weeks. And it was mainly all due to snow. I am starting to think I live in the Midwest. While it is very beautiful to watch as it falls, once it is here...I am over it.  

The one cool thing is that one of our local schools made this awesome snow day video that has since gone viral.

I missed two days of work this week, both of which are unpaid. My bestie and I were scheduled to go see Book of Mormon this week and seeing as how it was basically the signs of the Apocalypse and cars were abandoned all over the road, we couldn't make it. And the DPAC still decided "the show must go on" Even though the city was declared a state of emergency. And they refused to offer refunds or exchanges to another show. Normally their customer service is way over the top. I am assuming they were just not prepared for how bad it was going to be and they just dropped the ball on the entire situation. 

People were letting them have it on their fb page. Over 200 people wrote in to complain about losing over a couple hundred dollars on tickets and it was made much worse by this one sentence they kept telling everyone. "we can't help the weather, but if you come to any of the shows and show up two hour early, your name can be entered into the lottery and you would have the option to buy tickets for the show!" And they were acting as if it was a perk. I asked if they were really going ahead with a public lottery instead of allowing season ticket holders to switch their already purchased tickets in and they didn't really have an answer other than "it's policy" So, on top of the $750 we already paid for season tickets...they wanted us to take our chance at a lottery and then pay for those seats. ummmm. no. 

And then, what threw the situation over the top is that instead of issuing any type of notice or apology on their facebook page, they took their wall down. That's right, so now no one can see any of the negative comments and you can no longer comment. Way to handle a public relations disaster by making it worse. 

And my week was not completely crappy, there were a few happies intermingled, The mister had yesterday off also and so we spent the day just hanging out. Watching tv and movies. He went to the store(as me and my southern bum know my place is not behind a wheel in these conditions) and got me lots of cold remedies. My favorite part was that he got me the lemon scented vicks. I can only assume this scent is for the sake of those around someone suffering from a cold...because I have no ability to smell. 

He also came home with fresh tuna steaks and made me his famous, well, in my house it is famous, fried sweet potatoes. I think they tasted amazing, but I was lacking in the taste bud department due to said cold, but I pretended! It definitely looked incredible.

We also got to make snow cream and I made a bourbon version. Obviously. This is by far my only reason for ever wanting snow. Although, I saw a snow margarita on another blog. Yes to the please. 

And even better, this weekend we are getting the rest of our bedroom furniture. I cannot wait. Once this happens, I feel that I may actually have some sense of organization! We shall see. 

7 comments on "What A Week"
  1. So sorry you aren't feeling well. i just got over a cold and it was not fun! Glad you got to spend it with Wiki cuddled up on the couch. Yeah for Bourbon!

  2. boo. being sick sucks. i've been eating manuka honey and lemon like it's going out of style to ward off any colds! ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Well that's a ridiculously stupid way for them to have handled it!

  4. Feel better soon! I miss having snow days, that was the best part of living in a place with snow. Hav ea good rest of your weekend!

  5. Ugh..... the snow interrupting any plans would drag be a bit down too. And how they handled that whole situation....heeeeeeeeck nah! I would be furious!!!

  6. this same thing happened to my friend. She purchased tickets for the later showing of Book of Mormon, but ended up trading her tickets with someone on craigslist due to a scheduling conflict... and then it snowed! and NC sucked! i didn't even leave the house. such a bummer! glad that its all melted!


  7. Sorry for the inconvenience. I just got a cold and didn't enjoy it! Glad you had to spend time with Vicky wrapped up on the couch. Yes to bourbon! The same thing happened with my friend. He bought tickets to show later in the Book of Mormon, but due to a scheduling dispute, he ended his ticket business with someone on Craigslist. dal brands


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