Sleep Is Underrated

I always think it is funny when little kids refuse to nap. The tantrums over going to bed. And I always silently laugh at them because they are unaware that the joke is all on them because one day...a nap will be all they wish for and it will evade them. Work, school and life by itself will be all up in the way. I saw this E-card and I fell in love. Because the person that created this gets me. 

I cannot confess enough the love I have had for our weather recently. It was in the 70's this past weekend. That is perfect winter weather. For spring, I will be pleased with a low of 70. I do not think this is too much to ask. 

I love Tazza Kitchen. We were in Richmond this past September and happened to be in town when they opened and they hinted at a probable Raleigh location. I then commenced stalking them on all social media outlets waiting with bated breath for the announcement and my excitement was genuine when I found out they truly were coming. 

I was beyond stoked when they sent me an email inviting us to attend their VIP night this past weekend. Where we were able to try out a majority of the menu and a few cocktails, before they were open for business and therefore on the house. I great is this whole premise. Genius and I have been privy to attend more than one of these over the years. But...seriously, if you live in Richmond or Raleigh, go and eat here! 

Speaking of emails, mine was all abuzz with unexpected news last week...including the one from the Rachael Ray show. It came completely out of left field and I had to tape the segment and have it turned in for editing in less than 36 hours. It airs today and I will talk about it more in depth later this week, but basically I had no idea my accent was as thick as it is. People always tell me that...I refused to believe it till now.

I love, love, looooove the Vintage Village in Raleigh. The whole set up is stellar and the buildings are so adorable and almost has an enchanted feel to it. All I know is that way too much of my money has been thrown at them as of late. And I see no need to stop any time soon!

I got the new Samsung galaxy 4. And I adore it. I cannot confess enough how anti-apple I am. My husband has the s5 and I hate that thing. And Siri. Do you know how many times we have ended up at the wrong place because she acted a fool? Anyways, I had my new phone and in all my love and excitement and waiting for my perfect case...I dropped it. Less than a week the two of us were united as a pair. I called to have it fixed and with insurance it was gonna be a cool $200. So me and the cracked screen are gonna be friends for a little while longer because no, not happening. I need to have her at least a month before I shell that cash out. Not to mention it is a small crack in the side so it is really only an eyesore. But still. I dropped some words my grandma would not approve of. Which may be an everyday occurrence. 

And then there is the small fact that over the weekend my blog hit 100,000 page views. I get some people get that in a few hours, but in my little world, that is a big deal. Thanks to everyone who has read and shared this little piece of my blog world over the past 2 years!

And those are all the random confessions I have for this week. Earth shattering...I know.

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9 comments on "Sleep Is Underrated"
  1. DVR is set!!! So excited for my blest!

  2. ANDROID WINS EVERYTHING. while i love apple computers, i hate their devices; always have. besides, android and google will be taking over so those on the apple train will be going bye bye soon.

    yay for that VIP invite!! eat all the things!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. I am all about sleep!!! I set my DVR last night, can't wait to watch it! So excited for you!! That place looks so cute! That many page views is a big deal! Totally deserve it.

  4. Ohhh that food looks delish- yay for VIP! I wish I hadn't been out of the loop these last few days- hope you'll share your segment for those of us who didn't DVR?

  5. Darnit, I wish I would've known about the show... I would've DVRd it!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It's so funny because my husband and I have a love/hate relationship with Apple. He ONLY uses Apple computers (I only use PC's), yet I only use iPhones and he refuses to!!! haha

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