Friday, September 19, 2014

Jet Lag Is the Real Deal

This time last week we had just left Pisa and were headed home to Boston after 2 weeks. My body took almost til the end of our trip to adjust to the six hour difference and now, I am just about back to getting into the groove,. I can find very few reasons to whine about it though. I can't seem to complain about lack of sleep for such an amazing experience. I promise to start recapping next week on Tuesday and Thursday and I will probably do so for about four weeks to fit all eight areas we were in! So, consider yourself warned!

But this week has definitely had its positives!

My last gelato was a week ago at the Pisa airport. It was mint chocolate chip and it did not disappoint! and yes, in my bag I found a Carolina BBQ koozie. Gotta represent;)

On our way home to Raleigh from Boston on Saturday night, this was the sunset I was able to catch. It was spectacular over the layer of fluffy clouds. It helped that we were on Jetblue and I was able to watch college football the whole flight. 

Sunday morning we hit up a favorite local spot for some delicious baked treats with my parents before they headed back up to Virginia. They took care of the house and mail while we were gone and picked us up at the airport! Love them! and these apple cider donuts. and cheese danishes. and other goodies!

Yesterday I was able to indulge in a pumpkin waffle and cappuccino with dark chocolate chips. So, as you can obviously tell, I am in total detox mode from Italy;)

and this weekend, three of my favorites are coming to visit from Virginia and I cannot wait to see them and have the best weekend ever! Tonight we are meeting up with one of my besties at a local wine bar for ladies night!  This picture is from Halloween a few years ago. I miss them so much!

What has been your favorites of the past week? Any plans for the weekend?!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Arrivederci, Italia

We are back and we had such an amazing time. We stayed the first leg in the spa town of Montegratto and visited Venice and Padua the first few days before renting a car and heading to Torno in Lake Como for five days. We were able to stay in the sweetest hotel with the most breathtaking views of the Alps. 

The next week we all piled in and headed to our family's village and stayed at the inn that overlooked the town my husband's grandparents grew up in and most of the family still resides, We ate the best food imaginable, drank our family's wine and checked out Lucca and Cinque Terra. 

This weekend was spent flying back into Boston, staying the night gathering ourselves and flying back to Raleigh. We ended the weekend with amazing baked goods in Wake Forest with my parents and watching some football with friends.

I can't wait to delve more into specifics but for now, here are a few shots. 

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tips for Packing Light

I am so pumped to have my friend Megan guest posting today. Since I am traveling in italy, she thought she would share her favorite tips for traveling.

Top 5 Tips for packing Light in Style

I am so excited to be over guest posting on The Whimsy One, while she enjoys her beautiful European Vacation.  My name is Megan and I blog over at The Fashionista Momma.  In light of summer travels and style, I thought I would share my Top 5 Tips for Packing Light in Style.
1.      Check the weather forecast – I always do this before I travel anywhere.  It doesn’t matter what season, a rainstorm could be somewhere in the mix, or a cold weather day could hit while you’re enjoying your beautiful beach vacation.  This will help save you from having to buy extra things in your destination because you were ill prepared. 
2.      Mix & Match pieces – Make sure that all the pieces you pack can be used at least twice. 
3.      Accessorize – When packing your accessories, bring neutral pieces that will go with everything you have in your suitcase.  I try to do one necklace for daywear and one for evening, a few rings, and a watch.
4.      Shoes – Again, I try to limit my shoes with one pair for day wear, one for evening, and the pair I wear to travel.  I also throw in my running shoes (because I got to get my workout on).  Shoes take up a lot of space in the suitcase so, if you have a pair of Tieks these are also a great addition because they fold up and travel easy.
5.      Travel size – Make sure you pick up travel size bathroom supplies and condense your makeup. Use eye shadow pallets instead of individual eye shadows.  This limits how many eye shadows you are lugging around.  Pick up some travel containers for all your face lotions and creams and just take what you need.  Finally learn how to curl your hair with a straightening iron.  Then you can just bring one hair tool that will do it all. 

Much Love & Style,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Tasting Room

A few months ago I stumbled over an ad for the Tasting Room and was intrigued. I am a huge wine lover and am always looking to try new ones. We just had so much wine at the house that I wasn't really sure I could see a reason 

Then I got an email for a trial package with 6 bottles for just $6.95 including shipping and tax. You just had to answer a tasting profile which was all of three questions.  Then each month they will send you six bottles or a case. You can opt out at anytime and their prices are fantastic for what you get. 

A few days later, this spiffy box arrived at my doorstep ( I had to be home to sign for it, as a side note!) and that night the mister and I engaged in our own little wine tasting. 

We got a mix of three whites and three reds and even though I drink a lot of red, these whites were amazing! The only wine I wouldn't have legitimately purchased if given the chance was the pinot Noir and well...I hate it all the time so no shock there;)

If you ever get a chance this is so much fun and if you are like us and drink a lot of wine, the price is actually not bad and somewhat worth it. Keep in mind you can cancel at any time. (but if you want to cancel, remember to cancel) but we did the shipments for 3 months. 

and no, this isn't a sponsored post. I just want you to try this wine;)

Friday, September 5, 2014


A few weeks ago I was able to head up to Cincinnati to visit one of my best friends. Our friendship has been going strong for 15 years and I love any moments I can garner to see her.  I was only up for a few days but got to see a lot of the famous Over the Rhine district. It is making a huge comeback and there were so many restaurants and shops, not to mention I loved all the incredible murals and architecture found all over the city.

These were my five favorite stops from Cincy to Columbus. Let's be serious...most involve stuffing my face. because obviously.