Safer Skincare & Makeup With BeautyCounter

Some people may say I have a slight addiction to anything and everything makeup and skincare. Those people would be underestimating my love. Nothing makes me giddier than new makeup or finding a moisturizer or other product that makes my skin look and feel its best. I have extremely sensitive skin and so it has been a process to find what works for my skin. I am pleased to say that Beautycounter fits that bill and is home to my absolute favorite foundation, Skin Tint. It offers medium coverage and doesn't dry my skin out at all!

 The best part is that they are a company that also takes your health into account. My friend Lindsay is hosting a party for me via facebook tonight and if you have any interest in a purchase of just learning a little bit more about Beauty Counter and all they stand for, this is your chance.

Here is a little bit about Beauty Counter and a few facts you may not be aware of!

Who is Beautycounter?
Beautycounter is a mission driven, education first company advocating for change in the personal care industry. They are leading the way in providing safer, high-performing products free of over 1,500 harmful, or potentially harmful ingredients.
  • or this is another description I like to use. It depends on what you think will be more compelling for your readers.
Beautycounter is a company that believes in making products that are safer, high-performing, and innovative with a strong corporate mission to educate and effect change.

Shocking facts about the industry (feel free to bullet these out or use the image I’m sending):
  • The European Union has banned or restricted more than 1,400 ingredients from use in personal care and beauty products. The U.S. has banned or restricted 30.
  • 1938 was the last time there was major federal legislation passed to regulate the ingredients in personal care and beauty products
  • Many of the chemicals in personal care and beauty products have never been tested for their impact on human health
    • Today, there are more than 85,000 ingredients on the market used in popular products and the majority of them have not been tested for human safety.

Beautycounter doesn’t just want to educate consumers, they are pushing Congress to pass laws to better regulate the industry - through 200+ meetings since 2014. They are fighting for change and can’t do it alone. Women of all ages want to present their best, most beautiful selves to the world, but over time they have been asked to make compromises. No woman should be harmed for making her own choices or living her own life. No woman should compromise her health and safety for beauty.

Reading this makes you think! People often spend time researching their foods and household products but don't take the time to investigate as thoroughly when it comes to their makeup and skin care!

If you decide you may want to purchase via my event, here is the link to the party and it will be open thru this Sunday. You can follow Lindsay along any day of the week and get more information and updates, plus learn about any specials and sales the company is having by joining Lindsay's Facebook group You can find it here.

Link to my party:) Let's Party!

Yule Thank Me Later

I cannot believe October is almost over and next week is Halloween! October is my favorite month and so I am a little sad about it ending but then we will be right into the swing of the holidays! I have the perfect libation to get you in the mood to jingle some bells. Or cut some turkey. Or you know, to help you deal with your relatives you want to hide from;)

I had been looking for a drink that would do well at both Thanksgiving and Christmas and one that is not too high in sugar as I am trying to watch my waistline and it is rather difficult this time of year. I found the answer though and there is no lacking in taste what you give up in calories when you use Steviva products.  This concoction is absolutely delicious. You could also make this as a cocktail and forgo the alcohol.

The base of this drink is just that: a base. Once you create the base, you can make a multitude of flavors and drinks and it is definitely more simple than it looks!

Yule Thank Me Later

1 to 1 1/2 cup fresh cranberries
1 large orange (or 2 small)
1 1/2 tbsp Fructevia
1/2 tbsp Nectevia

1 1/2 oz bourbon (chilled)
2 oz ginger beer (chilled)

In a small saucepan, add the cranberries, juice from the orange (make sure to squeeze out as much as you can) Fructevia, Nectevia, and 2 or 3 pieces of orange peel. Let simmer for about 10 minutes.  Once it has broken down to the texture of a compote, let cool. After about a half hour, push the cranberry/orange compote mixture through a mesh sieve. With the puree you have left, using a spoon, place 2-3 tablespoons in a glass.  Top with bourbon. Stir. Finish off with ginger beer and enjoy!

This whole drink takes about half an hour from start to finish but with only about 5 minutes of hands-on work. It really is simple but tastes like the holidays. I have made a lot of libations and I think this may be my favorite so far. The tartness of the cranberry is muted by the sweetness of the Fructevia and Nectevia additions and they pair so well together with the bourbon and the final bite of ginger beer! You can always do this to taste and use less or more of the Steviva products or ginger beer. The best part of making your own cocktails at home is that you control the taste! Forgo the bourbon for a family-friendly treat.

and thanks to Beth for the pics!

I am in love with all of these Steviva products.  They taste great with no aftertaste like you often find in some low sugar alternatives. You can find more about their products at


Happy Fall Y'all

Hello everyone. I am pumped to take part in this week's Fall Home Tour with some lovely bloggers. There are new posts every day this week! Be sure to check them all out! 

It never fails, each year I wholeheartedly declare my love of all things Fall, how I can't get enough football, sweaters, boots, and scented candles from Bath & Body Works. And while I do love pumpkins, you can keep the pumpkin spice;) 
This year my adoration for Fall has reached new heights because we finally own a home versus a townhome and I may have gone a little overboard in the decorations. My house is still slightly under construction so I am showing more o highlights of my home and Autumn decor versus total rooms. Not having curtains or blinds when you were supposed to will do that to you.  

Welcome to our abode and I hope you enjoy your visit! 

I will say that one of my favorite parts of the house is our steps leading to our homey front porch. These steps are perfect for mums and we love to sit on our porch and chat with new neighbors who are walking by! It is also the perfect spot for wine. 

Meet Wilbur, our guard pig. He is my buddy. Always happy to see me. Haha

These white pumpkins and gourds with green and orange stripes are my new obsession. I love how atypical they are and add a little more flair to my front porch!

The living room is one of my favorite spots in the house. It is so bright and airy. I kept this room mainly neutrals with a few pops of color.  This space is so comfy and I find myself drawn here with a book and the fireplace going...even in September. I am sure my husband is thrilled. I found this sweet propeller clock for 65% off at Kirklands and it was the final touch I needed for the room. One of my favorite pieces is the rug. It could be an Autumn themed rug for all intents and purposes with its muted greens, oranges, and grays. It pulls everything together and it was a total steal on Wayfair and even is so soft and perfect to run your toes through!

The absolute adoration I have for these pumpkins may be a bit unhealthy. Ha, absolutely one of my newest Fall obsessions around the house. I just love them and the sweet addition they are to my home.

Next up is my tablescapes for my kitchen and dining space. Prior to this home, we had a really small kitchen table in our townhome. Due to the smaller space, it was difficult to decorate to the extent I wanted and therefore my kitchen tables were decorated for about a week before I had to put the decorations away to make room to you know, actually eat. Now space is in abundance and we have a kitchen and dining table and so was able to buy two small centerpieces and I love them. They match each room and my personality well. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the small peak into my home. It is coming together nicely and I hope to have a full-on tour available soon with the upstairs as well as the sweet screen porched area. I know it was not quite the extent of typical home tours but I was excited to show you what we have put together these last few weeks in our new home. 

Be sure to check out the rest of these amazing homes on today's stop of the Fall Home Tour and the rest of the week.

Happy Fall, Y'all!!






Whiskey Woman

Most of you who follow my blog know about my love affair with all things bourbon. I am a country girl through and through. Bourbon soothes me and I prefer it neat; no ice or cola for this gal. I will enjoy it in a cocktail from time to time if it is done right. I have found a few bars in Raleigh that fuel my bourbon desire. 

First up is Whiskey Kitchen. I waited for months for this place to open, not only to dabble in their bourbon selection but because their patio is one of the best in all of Raleigh. It just screams for you to have a good time. 

Whiskey Kitchen has an amazing selection of bourbons and other whiskeys from all over the world. You can also eat dinner here but I will be honest and say I have yet to order anything other than cocktails and pie. I can say with certainty that you should try their shoo fly pie. Oh, it will do you good. I promise. 

If you haven't yet been over to Whiskey Kitchen, grab a bunch of your girlfriends ( or any friends for that matter) and head over to Nash Square and grab a table on their fabulous patio. The summer is winding down which means it is perfect outdoor weather here in Raleigh for the next month or two. 

I also suggest Dram & Draught off of Hillsboro St. They constantly change their cocktail menu up to suit the season so you will always be able to venture out of your usual libation and try something new. Kevin is probably one of the best bartenders in all of Raleigh and he will steer you in the right direction that is suited to your taste. They do not offer food but there is usually a food truck on site. 

Last but not least for a fabulous whiskey selection is the often over looked Blind Barbour. This is actually one of my go to bars for tried and true bourbon cocktails. It is a smaller, more intimate bar tucked away from downtown but they offer great service and one of the best Old Fashioneds around! This place gives off more of an old school vibe and I love it. 

Chocolate Covered Bourbon Cherries #SummerDessertWeek

Some of today's items/ingredients were supplied by our #summerdessertweek Sponsors. As always, all opinions are my own.

I am always about making simple, yet tasty bites for when we have a crowd over and this recipe is no different.  I had these the first time probably 10 or so years ago at a party for a football game and was hooked immediately. The big difference is the few I have had before use the "jar cherries" and for this particular version I used fresh sweet cherries (Rainier) with no added sugar and they were even better than I anticipated! Yes, you do have do do a little more "work" with fresh cherries by pitting them but it took me less than 5 minutes to pit over a dozen of them ( thanks in large part to my amazing OXO cherry pitter!) These chocolate covered bourbon soaked cherries will become a staple at parties!

I was a little worried how this would go in the beginning because normally when I make them I just use the jar cherries and pour out half the juice and replace with bourbon and let sit for a few days. I wasn't sure without cherry juice to dilute the bourbon a little how they would taste but the cherries were just so juicy anyways, they used their own juices to meld with the bourbon and you get a nice mixture of both cherry flavor and bourbon with each explosive bite.


1 lb Rainier Fruit Cherries ( pitted)
1/2 cup bourbon
10 oz dark chocolate

Pit your cherries and then put in a container and pour in the bourbon. Make sure to seal with a lid overnight. The next day, drain the cherries ( save your cherry bourbon, because why would you waste it?!) pat the cherries dry. Melt the chocolate and using a toothpick or small fork, dip the cherries in the chocolate and cover completely. Place on a nonstick pan for the chocolate to set up and harden.

Enjoy. These also make great gifts. You can place them in a small mason jar or similar container and top with a bow and the perfect gift!

Check out the amazing #SummerDessertWeek recipes from our bloggers today!

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