My New Car Is Saving My Marriage

Ok, slight major exaggeration but due to the fact that it has dual climate control there are literally no telling how many fights it is staving off in the future. I am one of those people who like to have my heat going full throttle in the car. Almost burning I am so hot. 

My not that person and we frequently take long trips. Problem now solved;) 

I realize I am probably late to the whole butt warmer craze and all but my previous car had absolute zero bells and whistles and was solely to get me from point a to b. It wasn't a clunker or anything but had seen its day. I had wanted a new car for a while but mine really had no problems... it was just getting on up there in the miles. As in over 165,000 miles. And I like to travel. 

This is not a new car, it is used but has less than 20,000 miles and has another few years on the warranty, but it is *new to me* and that's all she wrote.

It also got me around 41 miles to a gallon and had been paid over for over three years. Car payments suck. 

But we bit the bullet and got one right before Thanksgiving...and I am in love! 

My favorite things about it are far too numerous, but these are the ones that stand out. 

Sunroof. I have always wanted one. I have had it for two weeks and I keep forgetting about it and then when I remember it I get entirely too excited;)

Bluetooth. Being able to listen to my Texas Country from my phone is fantastic. Maybe one of the best parts. Still getting used to the whole phone ringing and talking, but I am sure I'll get over it quickly;)

Smooth Ride. It really does pretty much hug the road and it drives so smoothly that I almost don't even realize how crappy the roads are around here. Almost. 

Butt Warmer. I mean...self explanatory. My bootie has never been happier. Ok, maybe that time I fit it into a fabulous dress.

Dual Climate. Ok, I rode on a twelve hour car ride with the mister and I never once got cold. In thirteen years this has never happened. I am telling you that VW is to blame for my now perfect marriage. (oh, wait...there is not dual climate control in our house)

Anyways, I promise not to talk about my car all the time or be ridiculous about it but I am pretty excited. We got a great deal on it and there is so much room! My 6'5 husband has insane leg room! 
5 comments on "My New Car Is Saving My Marriage"
  1. Your car is pretty sweet. The dual climate and the butt warmers are really great features!

  2. I love it!!! Congrats on the car friend!

  3. Duel climate control would be great for me and my husband! He's constantly hot and I'm constantly cold! Sounds like your car has some great features!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Sweet! I plan on driving my current car until it's literally falling apart, but my next car will for sure have butt warmers and a sunroof.

  5. I think I may have lost my comment when I had to sign in. Love seat warmers. I have had German cars for 21 years. Love those warmers.


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