Meems Bottom Covered Bridge

One of life's little treasure, at least to me, is the joy of discovering covered bridges. They are usually found on a scenic road in a sweet little town or stumbled upon on a lonely stretch of road. There are a few left in Virginia, but by far, my favorite is Meems Bottom Covered Bridge found in the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley just shy of New Market. The road leading to it is framed by lovely trees that seem to frame the setting. 

The bridge is named after the Meems family that owned the land and was built in 1894 and stayed in great shape until 1976 when it was partly burned. Thankfully they salvaged what they could and instead of scrapping it, rebuilt it with reinforcements. If you ever find yourself traveling on 81 in Virginia, it is found right of the exit and I promise it would be a short detour well worth your time. 

Fall in Virginia is a sight to behold and here is just a little snippet of why I love it so. 

5 comments on "Meems Bottom Covered Bridge"
  1. I love covered bridges they just seem so quaint.

  2. beautiful insight. this really makes me go exploring and see and admire what is away from normal eye. also, this tunnel or bridge loooks so mesmerizing. i am hoping i can visit. keep updating us with amazing descoveries!

  3. This is also a fantasy of many girls. Bridges covered with trees and flowers look very beautiful. I am really impressed by your knowledge of the bridges.

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