The Weekend That Was Hot As Hades

This past weekend was filled with festivals and completely overhauling our house. We took multiple trips to Goodwill, World Market, & Lowes. Our bedroom got a whole new look and I am totally in love with it. Our new comforter set...le sigh. It makes getting out of bed absolute torture but our sleep has stepped up its game.

On Friday, I spent the day with my friend Beth, preparing cocktails and yummy goodness so she could capture a few shots with her amazing photography skills. I am so elated and cannot wait to see the finished products. I have some exciting plans for those photos and The Whimsy One brand over the next few months. Stay tuned for details but it will be fun!

Friday night, Tony and I grabbed a bite to eat at a new restaurant and then headed to a movie at one of our favorite local theaters. We saw 'Our Kind of Traitor' which was fantastic and grabbed a cocktail before heading home.

Saturday there was a massive festival downtown to highlight the Dorthea Dix property that the city purchased last year. The goal was to have a festival to showcase the land and get people excited about the future of the park. No questions asked it was one of the most fun and easily one of the most efficiently run events put on by a city that I have ever attended.

The only problem was the little fact of it being almost a hundred degrees and about as humid as it could get. The fact of water misting stations can only help so much when it is that extreme outside. We still had a lovely time and I picked up quite a few goodies along the way.

Then my husband got picked for a tv interview. They wanted opinions about the festival and the future of the park. When it was over my husband was asked if he was a professional speaker or possibly works in radio or tv. This is something he gets asked all the time. It is just more so amusing when a person who legitimately does work in tv is the one doing the asking,

Sunday we were busy bees finishing up with the house and buying things for a few rooms and visiting Goodwill in between sweating bouts! This whole week is supposed to be in the upper 90's with high humidity. Hopefully, we don't melt;)
4 comments on "The Weekend That Was Hot As Hades"
  1. Fun weekend! I love fairs and festivals!


  2. that lounge area is just way too cute!

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