Bear City

This weekend we decided to explore a little closer to home. Every time we think we have done all there is to do in North Carolina, we realize how much more there is to see and do. We had originally planned to hit up the Lake Lure area but instead headed to New Bern. I haven't been there since I was a teenager and there wasn't much back then I would have appreciated. You may have heard of New Bern because of one Nicholas Sparks. He is semi famous I guess. Or you know, some people would say because of Pepsi. Toss up.

How glad I am we went to this sweet, little town. I couldn't believe how many fantastic restaurants and things there were to do. No, there isn't a hopping nightlife here and if that is what you are after, then look elsewhere. However, we did luck out and stumble onto 3 fantastic bars that hit the spot for what we were looking for. New Bern is the perfect walking location. 

It is on the Pamlico River and the hotel we stayed at is right on the harbor. Our view was pretty much perfect and I got in my history fix all weekend and the best part is that we were able to park at the hotel on Friday and walked absolutely everywhere until it was time to leave on Sunday. 

The hotel rates and food price points for what we got were reasonable. We stayed at the Courtyard and found it enjoyable. There are also a plethora of B &B's right downtown. Our visit to the original Pepsico was worth our time. This is where I state that I am 100% a Coke girl, but this place was so much better than the World of Coke in Atlanta and what I mean is that it is the original pharmacy. It is free to walk in the few rooms and watch how it was originally made and order a Pepsi from the counter. And while I had Mt. Dew, he, of course, went with Pepsi. I will admit that the old bottles tasted better than the ones you find in the stores. And yea, the Pepsi float was the real deal.

New Bern showcases painted bears all throughout the town.  Bern is the Swiss word for bear and goes back to the town's history and is basically the official town mascot. Here are a few of my favorites. 

The eats were really good in New Bern and my two favorite meals were at The Chelsea and for lunch, right on the water, Persimmons. Both were delicious and we tried out Prohibition and the cocktails were very good. 

Tryon Palace was quite the treat, especially if you are a history buff like we are. Home of NC's first permanent capital. The gardens are absolutely stunning. 

and of course, Tony being Tony, our two-hour trip home took 5 hours, but at least we found some sweet spots. I just adore the little town of Oriental. We stumbled upon a pier next to a park with lots of empty Adirondack chairs and then a little ways up the road, we found a free ferry. This almost made up for our failure to go for a sail this weekend. Almost.

6 comments on "Bear City"
  1. What a lovely place!! I love the name Prohibition for the drinks and dessert bar... Classic!! You always have the best fun!

  2. "It'll tickle your innards." BAHAHAHAHA! ;)

  3. That looks like such a cute town! I am a Coke girl too! Nothing beats adirondack chairs on the water.

  4. Great photos of New Bern. Thanks for your note. We must stay in touch and get together.

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