Whiskey Woman

Most of you who follow my blog know about my love affair with all things bourbon. I am a country girl through and through. Bourbon soothes me and I prefer it neat; no ice or cola for this gal. I will enjoy it in a cocktail from time to time if it is done right. I have found a few bars in Raleigh that fuel my bourbon desire. 

First up is Whiskey Kitchen. I waited for months for this place to open, not only to dabble in their bourbon selection but because their patio is one of the best in all of Raleigh. It just screams for you to have a good time. 

Whiskey Kitchen has an amazing selection of bourbons and other whiskeys from all over the world. You can also eat dinner here but I will be honest and say I have yet to order anything other than cocktails and pie. I can say with certainty that you should try their shoo fly pie. Oh, it will do you good. I promise. 

If you haven't yet been over to Whiskey Kitchen, grab a bunch of your girlfriends ( or any friends for that matter) and head over to Nash Square and grab a table on their fabulous patio. The summer is winding down which means it is perfect outdoor weather here in Raleigh for the next month or two. 

I also suggest Dram & Draught off of Hillsboro St. They constantly change their cocktail menu up to suit the season so you will always be able to venture out of your usual libation and try something new. Kevin is probably one of the best bartenders in all of Raleigh and he will steer you in the right direction that is suited to your taste. They do not offer food but there is usually a food truck on site. 

Last but not least for a fabulous whiskey selection is the often over looked Blind Barbour. This is actually one of my go to bars for tried and true bourbon cocktails. It is a smaller, more intimate bar tucked away from downtown but they offer great service and one of the best Old Fashioneds around! This place gives off more of an old school vibe and I love it. 
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  1. My husband has a business trip coming up in the Raleigh area and I'm glad to see these suggestions for good places to visit.

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