The Randomness of Me

A friend had suggested doing a monthly post of random tidbits about myself for people who are just checking the blog out & deciding as to whether or not this is a blog they want to regularly follow.(ummm, obviously you should, unless you...are not awesome?) I was completely slightly skeptical at first, but since another friend mentioned it we are.

10 things you never knew you wanted to know about me

1) the movie "Return to Oz" absolutely petrified me as a child, yet I watched it over & over
2) I have 3 brothers, I always, always wanted a sister. Now I am relishing "only girl" status
3) I watch sportscenter roughly 3-4 times a day
4) Spiders, bugs, lizards, rats; none of them scare me, snakes on the other words.
5) I am not the world's greatest driver, I am a woman; ergo, not my fault.
6) I love it hot, like 90' outside...below 70' is the WINTER.
7) My hubs is 14" taller than me, it makes me feel safe, except when he puts things away in the kitchen that I cannot reach, this inevitably leads me to be volatile;)
8) I am completely technologically in advanced, It's inherent in my nature to suffer from anything remotely electronic. Getting the cable box connected was akin to running a marathon for me.
9) I love travelling, this plays in my favor since we do it frequently. Frequently is actually an understatement of epic proportions.
10) It just took me 27 minutes to come up with these "random" thoughts. haha

Anyways, this week look forward to funfetti cookies, sparkling raspberry 'cicles, & crockpot creamed corn.

Till then, have a lovely week
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