New Hampshire take 1

We normally take two trips a year with my in-laws, Florida and a different New England location. We've done the Berkshires and Vermont. and my in laws own a place in Jamestown, RI. It's a small island adjacent to Newport. We go there for long weekends and golf outings for the guys.
 I did not think it possible to love N.H. as much as the lush greens of Vermont(plus, Vermont has Ben & Jerry's, I mean...)but how wrong I was. My heart some how found space to adore it...just as much. I will not write a whole lot on this post as words aren't necessary in this scenario, ergo, the pictures will do the talking. 
View from the Sunset Hill House, doesn't even look real...It sure is!
My in-laws, I apologize that they're probably "awesomer" than yours;) 

walking bridge in Littelon, next to cool old mill

Iron Bridge 

Iron Furnace in Franconia Notch

Pollyanna, I was die hard for this movie(Littleton)

So polite;) downtown Littleton

The gorgeous river basin

She's 6' I'm 5'3...this makes for it looking like I'm being spanked.

more river basin

Loved Sugar Hill, so quaint!

a church in Sugar Hill, one of my favorite captures.

afternoon tea at the Horse and Hound Inn

You can see part two of our trip, which includes Cannon Mountain
 and the breathtaking Mt. Washington hotel, Here 

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5 comments on "New Hampshire take 1"
  1. I have never been to New Hampshire! it's so gorgeous and green!

  2. Found your blog through the link up today :) That first picture is truly surreal- wow! Frame worthy for sure!

    My Travel Tuesday Post

  3. Oh my gosh....I loved Polyanna as well!! Now I feel like I need to go watch it all over again :-)

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  5. Ohhh, this makes me homesick! I grew up in Vermont but haven't been back in 10 years. New Hampshire is just as beautiful!


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