The Maine Coast

For this week's addition of Travel Back Thursday, I am taking you to the coast of Maine. One of my favorite places! I am a Southern gal, no doubt...but there are few places I love more than New England. I mean, I did hitch myself to a Boston boy. 

The first year we dated, he took me on a trip to Maine and 13 years later, it is still one if the most memorable.   We shopped in Kittery, ate our way through Portland and fell in love with Ogunquit. The views were just stunning. 

It had been way too long since we had traipsed though and I had just been itching to get back. My in laws had a place in Jamestown, RI and we spent most of our trips there, shuttling between Newport and Block Island.  Also in NH and Vermont. Last year my brother in law and his wife rented a condo in New Hampshire and after a few days there, we decided to trek on up to Maine. 

We stayed in Portland the first night and then headed up to Boothbay Harbor for the day.  I absolutely adored it and the food and shops. Here are a few snapshots of our time. and apologies in advance but the photos are all different sizes.  We also were able to take in a sunset at Cape Elizabeth.

 and the second night we stayed in the sweet town of Bath. This town had the prettiest waterfront to walk around. We found a Thai restaurant downtown and weren't disappointed. If you are ever up in Maine, I definitely recommend this town. You are close to so many sites and the best part is that the hotels are not as expensive as so many of the other towns!

Our second day was spent at Popham Beach. This is probably my favorite beach I have ever been to. Ok, It may be a close tie with Glory Beach in Jekyll Island, GA and Key Biscayne Beach in Florida...but it is magnificent. The only downside is that we were there in August and the water was still frigid. 

Plan a trip to Maine, you won't regret it!

and on my food blog, I have our favorite restaurant in boothbay, it involves a great view and the best fish bites I have ever tasted! 
4 comments on "The Maine Coast"
  1. Maine is high on my list of places to visit.

  2. Maine is so beautiful we go every year. So many places to shop and eat. The Taste of Maine has the best fries.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Maine! It reminds me of a beautiful NE location and makes me think of like every Stephen King movie haha!


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