The Suite Life

This has been a week of finds. and unexpected fun. 

On Monday my friend Danielle put up an instagram of the World Market mason jar measuring cups. I have only stalked every World Market and on line for over a year and so I basically demanded to know where she got hers from. It turns out the World Market down the street had finally gotten an order in. I may have stopped everything I was doing and rushed there to get mine. And I scored the last one. Yes!

My good luck continued that day with finding two new pair of shoes and four dresses for our upcoming trip to Italy. And it was all 75% off take off and extra 50%. all of this cost me a whopping $32. 

Yes. Please and thank you very much.

On Wednesday my husband called and asked me if I wanted to attend the AAA all star game that was being hosted at Durham. He had gotten suite tickets so this equates to free food and now who in the world would I be to turn that down?! Plus, I got to meet some really new fun people. 

I finally got my fireworks. And they were crazy. Probably some of the best I have ever seen. Ever. Nothing may have ever come close to these. Excluding the obvious major cities like NYC, Chicago & Boston. But none otherwise have even been on level. These were not your average "Firework Friday" after a minor league game. And I would know seeing as how I worked in minor league baseball for way too long. 

and we finally booked all of our plans for our trip to Italy. I cannot wait. We will be spending almost a week in Montegratto and touring that whole region every day and then heading to Lake Como for four days. and then heading to our family's inn and vineyard in Tuscany for the next week. I am not even sure how this is real life. But I am just going along hoping noone wakes me up. But this will be our view in a few weeks!

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9 comments on "The Suite Life"
  1. Where did you get the great deals on the dresses?!

    1. There are lots of instagram pages and website are available. which give you details about best offers and deals.

  2. That mason jar measuring cup is amazing!!!

    xo Christina

  3. You got some good deals!! Those dresses look super cute! I may be jealous of your trip, but I want you to have the best time! Take lots of pictures so I can feel like I was there.

  4. Oh Italy... love that country!! Have so much fun while you are there!!

  5. Cute dresses! Have a blash in Italy!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. I cannot wait to hear all about your Italy trip when you return.

    SWEET scores on the clothes! That's a lot.

  7. Gotta love suite tickets! Love those measuring cups - I have never seen them at my store! And your dresses are super cute. Hope you have a great time in Italy!


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