Dollar, Dollar Bills...Y'all.

I have been traveling so much and have so many things to post about but for my Friday favorites, I am keeping it pretty simple this week. 

and both are concerning one dollar bills. The things that bring excitement to me these days;)

First up was when my friend and I ate at Thurman's Cafe in Columbus. It is supposedly an institution and I will say that is for sure lived up to the hype. Once you walked in, it is dark except for the neon shining from blacklights and the whole place is covered in dollar bills that have writing on them. 

What was even better than my burger was the fact that at the end of each year they collect all the bills and match the amount to donate to charity and start all over for the next year. What a great concept!

and secondly, I was at the mall yesterday when they asked if I was interested in a quick survey to make $25.  I am not insane so the answer was obviously yes;) It was regarding potty training. thank you years of babysitting and being a nanny...this was right up my alley. 

15 minutes later I was off...with my wad of 25 ones. I felt like I was back being a server. Whatever, I will take it! 

Living large up in here.

I have so much to catch up on for next week, but for now these were two of my good times from the week.

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!
3 comments on "Dollar, Dollar Bills...Y'all."
  1. You were in my old stomping grounds from college. So fun! Dolla Dolla bills y'all! Get it girl!

  2. It's be a while since I've been to Columbus. I remember loving it because it's one giant grid and for once I didn't get lost. :) Looks like a fun place!

  3. Ive eaten there!! Burgers and nachos were delish. Very cool to earn a quick 25$ at the mall!


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