Raspberry Rum Pops

Yesterday was national lemonade day, did you know this? I didn't...until it was too late. I didn't even have any yesterday. How sad. 

But that shouldn't stop you from having some today. and I know the perfect way for you to have some, my raspberry green tea rum pops. That's correct...Rum pops. 

I was lucky enough to be able to guest post for one of my good blog friends, Megan at Fashionista Momma. Megan and I met earlier this summer at Blog U and formed a fast friendship. She is one stylish momma who has lots of healthy recipes, exercise tips and great fashion advice.

Click here to check out my easy summer recipe!

3 comments on "Raspberry Rum Pops"
  1. Mmmmmm Rum pops!! This looks like the easiest and best adult treat! :)

  2. These sound yummy! Great end-of-summer recipe :)


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