Champions Don't Do Bronze

This past weekend flew by, as is always the case when we travel. Friday night we did a whole bunch of not much. I ate the pizza I had been craving and called it a night pretty early. We got up on Saturday and drove to my parents house. Whenever we pass this abandoned store, I know I am almost in Virginia. 

After arriving we met up with my parents for lunch in downtown Lynchburg and then, since it was such a gorgeous day outside, walked around a bit. We thought the elevator to get back to the street we were parked on was working, it wasn't and 139 steps ,and no breath later, we made it to the top of Monument Terrace and my car. 

We then headed towards Bedford and Peaks of Otter to watch my brother and sister in law in a 5k at the winery. The peaks are just so gorgeous. When we pulled up, my brother had just crossed the finish line. He was laughing and said that as he was coming across the finish line, a guy was yelling "Batman doesn't walk, he runs" my brother completely forgot he was wearing a batman t shirt. 

Once my sis in law and another of our best friends finished, we tried some wine. They started calling out the runners who placed and then one of the funniest things I have witnessed in a while unfolded. And this is probably one of those stories that is way funnier in person, but just thinking about it now and I start cracking up. 

We are headed toward the winery to partake in the wine tasting before it gets really busy and we notice my brother is taking his time and listening to the winners announced. They say the first and second place winners and my sis in law says to my brother "oh, they have one more name, you could still place" 

my brother jokingly says "Third place? Champions don't do bronze" 

Meanwhile, he has barely finished this sentence when we hear over the loud speaker "and in 3rd place Landon B" and my brother proceeds to jump pretty high, getting serious lift, while pumping his arms and saying "yesssssssss" 

I don't think the 6 of us have ever laughed so hard. I almost peed my pants. 

and the moral of this story is Champions apparently most certainly do bronze. hahahaha

Then after trying 23 wines and each of us at one point or another proclaiming "how many more wines can there be?!" we headed out for dinner. My pomegranate peach martini was delicious. 

Yesterday we hit up church with my parents before a brunch downtown and then coming back home. There is nothing better than the carnival in your town in the Home Depot parking lot. Life in the south. I heart it.

4 comments on "Champions Don't Do Bronze"
  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend! Glad you got to spend some great quality time with family (and squeezed in some wine and cocktails...that martini looks yummy!)

  2. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!!!

  3. Batman doesn't walk he runs!! Love it!! Apparently they do, in fact do bronze. Awesome job to him!!

  4. Hahaha, your brother! :) Your weekend sounds wayyyy more fun than mine. xoxo


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