Thunderstorms In The Air

Let's just say that the old adage "April showers" is holding true this week! Thunderstorms have been wrecking our area the past few days and they are calling for more this afternoon. Little known fact about me...I am pretty much terrified of lightning. I cower in my bed and cover myself and cringe with each strike. It's a sight to see. 

Other than those hiccups, I have had a pretty good week and it goes back to last Friday when I was able to see Kerry on our trip to Boston. I always look forward to our visits and this was no different. We pretty much laugh entirely too much and we also eat our way through our get togethers;) Our cupcakes and burgers were no exception.

Then we celebrated Easter with food, faith and family. Mainly lots and lots of food. One of the hardest parts about being away from our families are all the gatherings we have to miss, therefore, any opportunity we have to be present for one...makes it that much more special. 

Boston was definitely not feeling springy and it snowed that day...only for about half an hour, but half an hour too much! 

We flew back into Richmond during the NCAA championship game...I tried to keep my composure but almost screamed a few times. After 13 years working in Duke athletics, this photo should say it all. 

Tuesday morning we walked around for a bit and had lunch at a cute little spot called the Luncheonette. I loved it! Reminded me of Parenthood! Richmond is just one of my absolute favorite places. It never gets old visiting!

The past few days we have just relaxed and gotten back into our schedule. Wedndesday was National Empanda Day and you best believe I indulged at my favorite empanada and tequila bar. They are hands down the best I have eaten...anywhere in the country! So good.

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4 comments on "Thunderstorms In The Air"
  1. It was so good to see you. So true, we laugh the whole time and the food was amazing! I totally thought of you when I heard Duke won!!

  2. You and Kerry are so cute! Things have been crazy with weather around here! And I knew you would be ecstatic Duke won! :) xoxo

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