A Little Wayward

I have been so very busy the past few weeks that I am lacking in doing separate posts on all of my activities, but am working on the wine weekend and my beach trip. I can hardly believe that it is July, how is this even possible? It was January and I blinked and it was July!

These are a few trips/shows/items that I have been loving on lately.

Wayward Pines. I am strangely addicted to this show and I am waiting on books from the library, it kind of blows when you get stuck waiting on a book and the person is a slow reader. Hurry up, people. I am impatient! has anyone other than Stephanie read them? I know she is a big fan!

We went to Pawley's Island for the 4th and then spent one night with my family at a campground. I miss them so much already. It was a great time to hang out with my girls. Not to mention we had perfect weather minus the one moment that lightning struck about ten feet away from us. I really wanted to cry but my friend's daughters cried first and well, being an adult sucks. I will cry if I want to. (only I really won't) And then after we left...my brother caught a mini shark. It was so cute, but I mean, where baby shark is, mama shark is.

I forgot how much I really love my spicy bacon and popcorn recipe. I made a few batches for our trip last weekend and oh. my. gosh. It was so very delicious and I ate way too much of it. Stop me, please.

This song is not relatable to my life at all, but I am addicted. It is so very catchy and I listen to it over and over and over. I keep dancing to it and getting caught at lights and look over and people are laughing at me. It's quite alright, too fun to stop.

Wine weekend. I am definitely planning a whole post on my trip with my best friend, but I cannot say enough how great of a time we had. Tony and I have gone to the area various times but Joja and I hit up wineries I hadn't been to before and I am so glad we did. If you live within a few hours of North Carolina, I cannot impress upon you enough how much you need to get your bum to the Yadkin Valley for a wine trip!

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8 comments on "A Little Wayward"
  1. Whattt! That popcorn looks amazing!

  2. That winery looks beautiful. They are so fun to visit!!

  3. I saw ads for Wayward Pines when I was visiting the US in May. It looked pretty dern interesting. I need to look into getting the books on my library list.

  4. Omg.... That popcorn!!! Needs to be in my belly NOW!!!! Looks so good!! Thanks for sharing!! Lovely post!


  5. I haven't read the books but I have been watching the show, so creepy. The Winery trip looked amazing! Glad you had a good time! Miss you!

  6. I love that show! It is definitely so creepy! I can't wait for that winery recap because I am definitely itching for that trip! xoxo


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