A litte Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Ok. Ok. That's a lie. I wan't barefoot nor was I sporting any denim...but Jake Owen looked rather dashing in his jeans and really, isn't that all that matters?

After being out of town all week in Boston for a funeral, I flew home Friday night just in time to head out for the show to see Jake Owen and Jason Aldean with one of the besties. And the weather was perfect! 

And even better was a discovery we made at the concert. If you are the DD you get two free sodas. That is a saving of ten bucks, people. Yes, that's right I just got excited about drinking soda vs adult beverages. and no, I don't have a fever. I was the driver and it was a 45 minute trek to the show and I am taking no chances. Plus, my company was actually three people as Nicole was rocking a twin belly. Since she is 7 months along, we are pretty sure the little ladies enjoyed a nite of Jake and Jason. At least according to their kicks;)

and I will admit...some of the looks her belly produced in other people was hilarious. and so many guys took a moment "to give her props" for coming out to the show in her "condition" ahaha and then when she would say her due date was November, people's eyes would get really big. Hey, she looked gorgeous and is all and I do mean ALL belly.

Saturday was a day all to myself, shopping or baby shower items. pretending to be crafty and being somewhat successful at it. While I caught up on some of my shows that I had missed  the last two weeks of being away from home. 

Burn Notice...I have mixed emotions as to how I feel about its ending, but mainly if anyone watched it...Was the house at the end the house from the movie The Holiday?! Looked like it.

I was also catching up on all the Britney Spears sightings from my hometown in Virginia. And laughing at each person's thoughts, Some positive, some negative , but almost all wondering what she was doing in our area. And I found it amusing mainly bc I had known she was coming for quite some time and was prepared. She is dating David and well, David is my sister in laws cousin and his sister got married this past weekend.  Did you get all that;) All I know is that my S-I-L was in a wedding weekend that involved Britney. So basically this means that Britney and I are far from being bestest friends.

And then yesterday I got to spend it at the "good neighbor" festival in our town. My cousin's husband was the entertainment and while he and the band played, I got to catch up with her while seeing some of my favorite boys. 

and then I got some fun news that Maker's Mark had featured one of my recipes for their weekly Sunday Brunch tweets.

Can't believe we are at the midway point of September already! Where does the time go?!

3 comments on " A litte Barefoot Blue Jean Night"
  1. What a fun concert and to get free drinks for not drinking! Haha! Can't wait to see how the craft comes out! Looks like you and Bourbon had the best week ever!! ;) Congrats girly!

  2. Ohhh I heard Jason Aldean is amazing in concert...So jealous! Congrats on getting featured by Maker's Mark! That's pretty awesome :-)

  3. Jealous of your whole concert experience and incredibly proud of your craftiness ;)


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