Richmond and...a giveaway.

Our travels continue. and I am almost over it. but just almost;) I still have Boston{again} South Carolina, Virginia and Cincinnati in the next month and then I am only sporadically hitting the road.

But this past weekend we hit Richmond again.And we were able to spend time with my brother and his wife for her birthday. A much over due trip and we enjoyed every moment. I spent so much time there growing up that, perhaps, I took it for granted, but my love has been officially reignited. I adore the old neighborhoods with homes that must have the greatest stories to tell. The art scene is alive and vibrant.

and the food. Oh, you know how I love a good foodie scene and Richmond far from disappoints. There really is so much to do in this charming town. Wiki loves it and says it reminds him of a "smaller Boston"

Here are just a few of our stops this particular trip.
The lucky strike tower. All reovated and apartments, condos and restaurants.

L.B. & Aim while we waited for our brunch at Millies.
an hour wait. Well worth it!

Street art on the canal walk

One of the oldest and largest Iron Works ever built. Now a museum.

The James River and beach area of the old ruins, off the canal walk.
Wiki and I stopped in for Sunday service at this beautiful church

Architecture of the city

A Worhol piece at the Museam of Fine Arts.
One of the best I have been to in the country.
and I have been to lots;)

A Piccasso

The lobby of the incredilbe Byrd theater. Absolutely, hands down, zero questions asked...
the best place in the country to see a movie! If you ever find yourself in Richmond, you must catch a show.
End of discussion.

and this last shot is one of many from our stop to Maymont Park, which deserves a post of its own and will get one. But at least you can get a small gander as to how lovely it is.

you can check out my foodie blog today for a place you must try out the next time you are in Richmond or Short Pump area, Tazza Kitchen.

and today, on my facebook, I am hosting a giveaway:) You can win it by liking my page and sharing on your timeline.

Click here to enter. It will be open for a week and will close next Wednesday!

I am offering some Paul Mitchell products via my girl, Elizabeth and then a few extra items added in. 

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3 comments on "Richmond and...a giveaway."
  1. Woohoo for Boston trip! ;) The church and the Park look amazing! I love great Architecture.

  2. Ugh...if only we could have been strolling arm in arm through that park together... plan your trip already!! And entering for the giveaway now...cause I need all of it!

  3. Ooh, the outdoor photos are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby


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