The Awkward Level Gets Kicked Up

a whole other next level with a picture I found this weekend,  the whole "awkward" family photo award may just go to my mother and I. Some people would run in shame from this picture, burn all evidence(as my mom thought she had and I found a few wallets;) but due mainly to the fact that I am really awesome now...I know no such thing as shame. But before the goodness, I will give you the rest of my monotonous weekend details because I know you can barely wait.

I headed up to Virginia this weekend, to my homeland or as I know it to be, God's Country...Got to see my family and hang out. I also had the terrible treat to accompany my parents to have our cat put to sleep. She was 17 years old and having mini strokes. Basically, it sucked people. But I am glad I could spend time with the momma to keep her mind off things. 
Love this flower my sis in law got my mom!

Saturday night we ate dinner at one of our favorite Lynchburg stops, Rivermont pizza. So very yummy. and my nephews are so funny. They really keep my laughing. 

Sunday I snapped a few pictures from my parent's yard. It really is so beautiful and I think I may be spoiled and take for granted how gorgeous it is.

 The huge fire pit that we spend a lot of time around and my brother sings and plays guitar.

Then Wiki was ready to head back to Raleigh, but not before we took my grandparents out to eat at a Halifax tradition. Was pretty yummy. 

Wiki headed back and I stayed the night with my grandparents before coming back this morning. They have been married 65 years and I love every second I spend with them!

But as promised, what this whole post is really about. I see your awkward and I raise you this...
4 comments on "The Awkward Level Gets Kicked Up"
  1. oh dear those photos!!! hahaha!
    that is a gorgeous flower :)

  2. Boots and hats equal awesome! :) That is such a pretty flower. Sorry about your cat, I am sure you Mom loved having you there for support.

  3. Losing a pet is hard! So sorry! Beautiful pictures though! Even the one of you and your mom. :)


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