New Hampshire...

I miss you already. I love the peacefulness. The scenery. The friendly people. Nature showing off. While we went all over New England last week, today I want to share my five favorite New Hampshire moments.

~1~Mount Washington.
We debated over whether or not to take the cog railway to the top, or do the auto van tour. Because of lil' miss, we voted on the van trip and all 8 of us filled up one van. I can sum the drive up in one word. Terrifying. oh wait, maybe two... as it was also gorgeous.

~2~ Jackson

This is where we stayed while in New Hampshire. I love this sweet, charming town and it feels as if it was conjured right on up via a book. So relaxing. I loved the Wentworth Inn and would recommend it any time{thanks again, Mom & Dad B for the ten year annv surprise!!)
I love the covered bridges and this barn shaped library. I die. 
and as we drove by a covered bridge that had been converted to a walking bridge, there was a yoga class going on, with the mountains as their back drop! Amazing.

~3~ The Mount Washington Hotel

Every time we come to NH, we make it a point to come to this serendipitous spot. Whether it be for lunch, a cocktail or even just some afternoon tea. You will never regret a visit here!

~4~ Castle in the Clouds
 On our way up to Maine, Wiki was adamant that we stop at this place. I was ready to get to Maine, but when he is up for an adventure...there is no stopping him;) I wish I had more pictures, but the stop was well worth it and we never even made it up to the mansion... It is a three mile drive to just the halfway point. First we took in the waterfall and then we stopped in at the Carriage house and had a quick drink before the rest of our drive. and it was magnificent! They had a large patio with a stone deck and you could see for miles.

On our way back from Maine, we stopped for a quick java break in Portsmouth. This was actually my first trip back here in almost ten years, as we normally venture towards the mountain and not the sea. I may have forgotten how much I loved it there, but after only a few minutes, I quickly remembered why I appreciated it so much. 

It is such a pretty city with a very funky and artistic vibe.

Next week I will highlight my favorites from our time in Maine. It was also very lovely. I may be a Southern girl to my bones, but there is just something almost majestic about New England. 

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  1. These look like such beautiful places! Looks like so much fun, Im ready for a vacation! =)
    Im so glad you linked up today from Friday Favorites! I love being the new co host!
    You can check out my blog here:

  2. *sigh*.... how beautiful is these scenery? And the buildings in the quaint little town... It is right out of a novel... I just need to take some vaca and you can show me more of the beauty that is the East Coast :)

  3. What gorgeous photos... thanks for sharing such a beautiful journey with us! I'm new to your blog but I'll be back. :) Have a great weekend!

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  4. I have wanted to go to New Hampshire for quite a while now. I have a girlfriend from there who always talks about its beauty. Your pictures and making me want to visit all of these beautiful places. That hotel looks awesome.

  5. Sounds like fun! I've always wanted to visit that area.

    It's Emma Elise


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