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and how you can adopt your own olive tree. Ever since I posted a picture a few weeks ago about the gift I got Wiki for our anniversary. A tree from Nudo- Italia., I have gotten lots of questions, so here is the easiest way to share with you guys.

I am not sure where I even stumbled across this idea, but the second I saw it...I knew I wanted to give him this for our ten year anniversary. He always gets me the coolest and interesting gifts and I was excited to actually give him something that he hadn't heard of before. That never happens!

The concept is really cool and unique. Once you head to the website, you have a few options. You can simply adopt a tree as a gift for someone. They will get an adoption pack in the mail and then, in the spring, they will receive 3 containers of oil from their own tree! 

Or you can do the second option(which is what I did) you adopt the tree and then you sign up for quarterly shipments. You will get a shipment in Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. As I mentioned before, the Spring is the oil from the tree you adopt, and the other three shipments are different flavors. You can choose to do one, or two or how many ever you'd like. If you choose the quarterly, you get the money deducted from your account when the shipment is about to be sent out.

They also have really cool gifts you can send other than adopting the tree. And the best part is that once you adopt a tree, you receive 20% off all future purchases! I have already taken advantage of buying a few gifts since I ordered Wiki ours. And you do not have to adopt a tree to buy any of these gifts.

I was really excited when I got the picture of our tree! It is fun to know we have "some land" haha In Italy and we are hoping that when we got to Italy next year to visit Family, that we can visit our tree. They let you do that! Kinda cool, huh?!

and this was our first shipment!
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  1. That is such a great gift!! I think this would be my excuse to go to Italy!!

  2. Haha that is so cool!! It's named and every thing, I love it!

  3. I need a little piece of land in Italy now..


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