More Vino, Anyone?

This weekend has been a fabulous one! And it is over far too soon. My mom turned the big 6-0 this weekend and to celebrate we headed up to Richmond to treat her and my dad to a weekend away at a resort and to drink up some wine! Virginia is home to over 240 wineries/vineyards so there is no shortage when the mood hits you. 

Wiki is the best when it comes to finding awesome hotels and places to visit, Originally the plan was to head to Charlottesville for the weekend. One of my favorite places ever, but at last minute...Wiki sent me to this site and since we hadn't explored Richmond in a while, it was a somewhat easy decision.

 We ended up at the Virginia Crossings in Glen Allen, about a ten minute drive to downtown,This place is incredible. and perhaps I shouldn't share this secret, but it was less than $90 to stay here a night. Shhhh, keep it a secret.

Our first stop was to the James River Cellars
Sweet place and they had wine slushies. Points for that. I mean...

and then we traveled about 20 minutes down the road and after a long & winding road we finally found Gray Haven Vineyards. 
It is a South African flair and we loved it there. They also had horses and he had made homemade peach sangria. Oh my gosh, so tasty! We sat on the patio enjoying each other's company.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at this awesome little restaurant that was adjacent to an antique shop and the mister found me this sweet bracelet. I love all the details!

On Saturday, we headed to get some bbq for lunch and then had some pool time. Nothing like taking a picture of your toes to notice how desperately you need a pedicure. Oh, well. Guess I know what is happening this week. How terrible that is gonna be....

Saturday night we headed to downtown to see where my mom had lived when she was in school at VCU over 30 years ago. 
These are the two houses she lived in when she was 17 and 19. How fun to see part of her past. As many times as we came to Richmond as kids for vacation, I never really paid attention. It is funny how our parents become so much more interesting when we see them from a different view.

After having dinner at a brewery with the most amazing view of the city, we headed to the Carytown section and walked around taking in the shops, before getting some homemade ice cream. then we headed back to the hotel and after my parents crashed, Wiki and I headed to the Tavern by way of the under ground tunnels of the hotel! So much fun. I got a local Virginia Cider, Bold Rock and as a cider lover, I can firmly say that other than Crispin...I have yet to have any better!

Sunday morning we all packed up and headed to the 'Burg for my mom's bday party. Love the backyard I grew up in.

 We had some yummy food and of course, she wanted lots of pictures. Some of these crack me up. Pretty much sums it up. I am definitely an only girl and these are my 3 brothers;)

 My three sissy in laws and me!

Da Mamma and her three grand babies. 

I love that my older brother and nephews made this home made '60' card. So much fun!
and then we did it up Backwoods Virginia Style and my brother got out his guitar and we lit a bonfire.

Already miss my family and can't wait to see them again soon. I hit the family jackpot between mine and Wiki's family.
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8 comments on "More Vino, Anyone?"
  1. That place looks gorgeous and peach Sangria. I am in! Hope your Mom had a great birthday and that backyard!! I die, it's so pretty.

  2. What a great weekend! Though you had me dreaming of a wine slushie from the beginning and then almost lost me at peach sangria... yum!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend with family!

  4. Happy birthday to your mamma!!! And yes, that is my answer to your vino question ;)

  5. gorgeous ring! i love butterflies <3

  6. Looks like the perfect weekend with the family!! Those wineries sound amazing!


  7. Looks like an awesome getaway weekend!


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