A Boston Blate

After ten days of New England Bliss...I am back in my home land. And I should mention the first thing I did this morning was get Chic Fil A...

Before I get to my blate, here are a few pictures from our adventure( I will be doing a more specific post on each later, but for now)

Dinner in Sharon at my brother in laws house

The Bridge leaving Boston and heading up towards New Hampshire

A view of 
Lake Chocorua
Our favorite spot in N.H.:
Mount Washington Hotel
Wiki reading our niece a story. She was all into it.
This picture does absolutely no justice.
Popham Beach, Maine.
Bye Bye, Maine! We had a great time!
 The view from Wiki's aunts vacation spot in Portsmouth, R.I.
Was beyond peaceful here. Could have stayed forever.

After a week we were back in Mass and on Saturday I got to meet up with a favorite bloggy friend, Kerry from Till Then, Smile Often. We met up at the 99 off Rte 1 for lunch. and oh you know...

a few (giant) margaritas. all for $3.99 and they don't play either. These things were potent!

A picture to commemorate the event!

and how awesome are these little goodies! 

I wrote a post on my other blog last week about my favorite bourbons and she got me some and a mason jar  insulated glass I had been eyeing, I mean...what better way to a Southern girl's heart;) 

We had lots of giggles. and the best was after Wiki showed up, he joined us for a bite. Our server was funny and said what ever was on her mind. First she thought he didn't know us and was just flirting and I laughed off that he was my husband...but then she looked at him...looked at me. and then quipped "Have you ever seen the sun? Why is he so dark and you're so pale? 

I mean...what do you say to that?! I was so offended too because I thought I had a little tan! Humph.

6 comments on "A Boston Blate"
  1. Our waitress was a hoot i.e. a little crazy! Who says that to someone?! i had so much fun and so many laughs! Can't wait till next time!

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! I love that picture of the bridge! So cool!

  3. Maddie- how fun!! Popham looks like somewhere I go visit and those ritas look delicious, but my favorite pic was the baby being read a story. that was sweet.

  4. Looks like so much fun! Now come to California for our blate! And bring your coozie!

  5. I'm glad you had fun up in New England!! We love 99 (never heard of it until we moved up here) but you definitely caught my attention with Chik-fil-A! Get some nuggets for me next time!!

  6. New England is so pretty! Glad you got to spend some time with another blogger while you were in the area, how fun!


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