WIWW: A Tale Of Twins

I am so excited to have one of my besties on the blog today. She is many things, and not the least of which is one stylish momma. Actually, let me rephrase that... She is stylish and chic period. And she just so happens to be a  mom;) and oh, you know...preggers with twinsies. 

I have mentioned Nicole on here before, sometimes directly( like here, on our trip to see Luke Bryan) or indirectly as my co candle addict and my green tea drinking partner. 

So I will just let her get right to it...

Hey, I'm Nicole, a friend of Maddie's from the Raleigh-Durham area.  We met over 3 years ago, and have pretty much been best friends since.  Maybe it's our shared love of candles from bath and body works, maybe it's the fact that our husbands bond over their love of maps and historical information that nobody else cares about. (sorry to interject here,  Nicole, but I am nerdy and care about historical information...but not maps, never maps;) Whatever it is, I'm blessed to have her as a friend in my life.  

When Maddie asked me to do a guest post, I wasn't sure what I could do.  While I like to bake, I'm not excellent at coming up with new and exciting recipes like she is.  And while I do travel, it's not so glamorous, as it's usually with a 3 year old to be with my husband when he works out of town.  Then, she told me I could do a What I Wore Wednesday for her blog.  Typically, I really love clothes, shoes, purses, you name it.  But when she asked me to do it, I had recently found out I was expecting twins, I was starting to show, and I wasn't loving the change in my body nor my wardrobe.

Let me let you in on a little secret about maternity clothes shopping: it stinks.  Nobody likes to have to go shopping because they are gaining weight.  Nobody.  

Another of my non-favorite things about shopping while pregnant- a lot of the clothes are expensive.  I'm not one that is afraid to invest in a piece I'm going to be wearing for a couple years, but I am the type that doesn't like spending $100 on a blouse that I'm not even sure will fit in 6 months.  

So, I've been doing a lot of my shopping online.  Mostly for shoes, because they are again better than buying clothes, but I have found some clothes too.  

My mom and cousin were recently so kind to throw a shower for me back in my home state: Indiana.  
They made it a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme, and it was awesome!  
After a little online searching, I happened to find this little gem, which I love and will probably wear for another dressy engagement.

I found my dress at Asos, and I believe they have converted me into a lifelong customer.  This company is based out of the UK, but ships super fast.  They have great prices and great clothes that fit well.  Asos knows how to make a girl like me feel great!  I finished off my look with some Jessica Simpson pumps that I found at DSW, some bangles, and cute earrings.  

The flower was compliments of my shower hostesses.  

Overall, I felt good about my look that day.  The dress was long enough to move around in, without being too heavy or constricting, and I got to enjoy a great day with friends and family celebrating my little girls.  

Momma Raymer, Nicole & {her sweet sis} Ashley
and obviously none of them fell out the ugly tree.
Three gorgeous ladies.
Make that five;)

Thanks, friend! You looked so pretty. And as a side note, most of you who read my blog..know my struggles with infertility. Over nine years worth of hopes being raised, only to shatter. In dealing with that it is often...a delicate balance to handle yourself in a becoming manner when everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant. And I wanted to elaborate as to why Nicole is not only one of my best friends...but favorite people...

Lots and oh, I mean lots of friends and family have had to 'break the news' to me. Some have done it in a nonchalant way, some have just been happy to share...and then there are the ones who almost apologize. That. is. the. worst. There is nothing worse than realizing you are invited to a pity party...and no biggie, but you're the guest of honor.

and I mean...for future reference, the least people could do is tell me at a place that offers cocktails. While you can't indulge,  I now need one!! Preferably one with bourbon

Anyways, a while back Nic had posted a facebook status and my internal antenna went up. And I was actually in the process of texting her this "are you pregnant? and are you pregnant with multiple babies?! If it's three, you have to give me at least one! haha" when I got a text from her that asked what I was doing at that very moment and that I needed to call her...

and as you now know...I was right. Two lil ladies(she got lucky and didn't have to share;) and I have mentioned it to her once, but I will always be grateful for that moment. Because when she was most nervous and excited for a big occasion in her life...she wanted to share her glee and nervousness with me. And she did it in a way that left me with no time to feel bad for myself. I wan't the 'infertile friend' I was simply just...her friend. And it mattered.

 I promise that in the end, eventually after I have my babies, the hurt and sorrow I often feel like I am drowning in now will possibly be remembered, but the moments of friendship shared...will not be forgotten.

And wow, I just got all kinds a serious up in here. Enough of that before I will need a drink this early in the morning;)

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  1. Love ASOS and love this dress; but the pin really completes the outfit. You look great. Congratulations on expecting twins! Such an incredible blessing!

  2. How cute is she?!! You've got some cute friends!!

  3. Great post!! Looks like fun :)

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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