Starbucks VS Dunkin & Makin Each Better

Really, how many of your day's involve either of these two places? And how many of you have deep seeded feelings as to which is the better of the two. I know I do...and my final say may surprise you.

What I do once you get home, you can make their versions...better. {gasp}

This weeks contenders.

Frozen concoctions.

Starbucks: Frappuccino vs DD: Coolatta

I have a very vivid memory from 2002, Wiki was living here in Raleigh and I was still living in Virginia. I was driving home from a weekend visit when a commercial for a coolatta came on the radio. It got in my head and I could think of nothing else but getting a coolatta. It was a 2 hour drive through backwoods that offered nothing to satiate the desire for my frozen treat. I drove past my parents house and the 15 min into town. I was in a coolatta induced daze and I had blinders on with only one goal in mind. 

And then... I pulled up to the DD & the horror of all horrors awaited me...

I was greeted by a sign hanging on the building that read "Town Bakery & Cafe" now open.

What. The . Fudgeaduck. and if you think I didn't contemplate the two hour drive back to Raleigh just to quench my thirst that could only be fixed by that ever evasive don't know me at all. 

Having had one in the last few years...gross, they taste like icey flavored milk. Although...the new oreo one is trying to beckon me back to coolatta land. Thoughts?

Starbucks Java chip is a fantastic treat, the perfect mix of chocolate and just the right amount of coffee...flavor. The Salted Caramel frappe in the Fall. Oh, my gosh people. And the creme brulee one with the crystallized sugar bits on top. Is it Fall yet?! Yum!!!! And if you hate coffee. Try the vanilla bean with a flavor pump added or the strawberries and cream. Do it. You know you love it.

So, Let's see...I wonder if you can guess who wins this battle round. 

The one drink that the mere mention can send some people I know into an utter tizzy....

and how I made it...even better.
My adult frappuccino
{and kid friendly version}

Recipe Here

And yes, I realize it is August. But in one month it is September. September should actually be spelled p.u.m.p.k.i.n(and, quite frankly, so should October and November). Ergo... you would be incorrect in thinking I shared this recipe too early. Preparation is never too soon.

Next week will be Mocha's vs Dunkaccino's. I dare you to guess right now which one I will pick.

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3 comments on "Starbucks VS Dunkin & Makin Each Better"
  1. I am so ready for Pumpkin Spice..I am at starbucks every day!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS - I love pumpkin lattes and this just looks amazing! This is making me wistful for fall :)

  3. Ugh, Love everything pumpkin! Can't wait for the season!


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