No, I don't really have an accent...

And other funny things I like to tell myself that may not exactly be accurate.
I always find it interesting as to how we see ourselves versus what other people see in us. For me, there are quite a few. And probably the most obvious is the ‘accent’ deal. I am from Virginia, Southern Virginia. Small town, Backwoods Virginia…The hills of Virginia.  Not to be confused with the mountains of Virginia. Keeping up yet?

The first real hint my voice held a slight more twang than everyone else was probably in 3rd grade. It was grandparents day and I was writing a card and in big 3rd grade penmanship  I wrote ‘GRINDADDY’ and my teacher thought it was cute I called him that. At that age I didn't get it…Didn't most people have one? Oh. Wait. You mean most people had a GRANDdaddy? Haha  Well. Ok. Maybe my voice is slightly country.
I mean...does this picture scream boondock babe to you;) haha This was a few years ago.
 Maybe I should go blonde again. hmmmm

The second and rather big hint I had that my voice may make me sound a lil hickish…. was in college. I was home developing some pictures and had gone to the local Walmart and was waiting for them to be developed. The guy working the counter was probably somewhere early twenties and as we are exchanging pleasantries, he throws this dandy at me from left field.

‘I like your accent, it’s cute. Where are you from?”
And I, completely affronted, retorted
 “Down the Street”… {with a glare only a teenager could give)
He looked like he didn’t believe me. And I didn’t care. I may have actually humphed.

And thus started my never ending tribulation of no one ever believing I am from Virginia. I mean, people are always so shocked when I say I am from there.

Here is how the conversation normally goes.
 “Where are you from?”
 Me “Virginia”
 Them, slightly flabbergasted “People sound like that in Virginia?!”
 My usual reply “apparently they do”

Here is a little diddly that may shock some of you. Virginia is in the…South. {gasp}

Perhaps what makes it worse is the dialectal terms I tend to throw around. Like the first time I used the term ‘kin folk’ in front of Wiki and he actually guffawed. You know how you see that word written in books and often wonder what “guffawing” looks like. Well…I know, cause I saw it happen. And I think the look he gave me was tinged with equal parts adoration and shame. With a small dash of amusement thrown in just for kicks.

Or there was the time I said ‘I suwannee’. It was an accident and I had no idea that term was even in my vernacular. I mean…only my grandma said that. It would be akin to me telling you to ‘go fetch some water down at the holler’ I just don’t use that phrase. Oh, but wait…unbeknownst to me I do. And when I said it that time I was rambling on about something when Wiki stopped me to ask what ‘sawannnee” means. I was like “Where did you ever hear that from?!” he looked at me strangely and informed me I had just said it.

You should probably know that at first I vehemently denied this. No way I would ever use that in a legitimate sentence…right? And then once confronted with the evidence I explained what it meant.  And he full on laughed at me and swore I had made the word up and it was not a real word. And then of course I was adamant it was. He just gave me the look. You ladies know the one. The look that clearly states “you have lost your mind but because I am smart and want to keep the peace I will agree with whatever you say” and he obviously didn’t believe it.  A few years later I was reading a book and a few chapters in, right there in black in white print was ‘suwannee’ It was around 1:15 am, which is when I read most nights and if you think for one second I didn't shake him awake as if an all-out emergency was happening- you don’t know me. And remember that look of ‘you have lost your mind’ Yea, I got it again, but it’s cool, cause we both knew the important thing…I was right!!!!

However, I will say once my supposed accent came in handy. I was out with a friend and we were conversing with the bartender and he mentioned how talented he is at guessing where people are from based on their accent and how he rarely gets it wrong and if after three tries he doesn't you get a free drink. He got her state on the first try. For me the guesses were Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. C’mon now…Alabama? And he was shocked and I enjoyed my free whiskey, just like any good southern girl worth her salt would.

But here is the deal guys. I really do not have an accent. And if you think otherwise…I am from Virginia. We pretty much started this whole thing. Maybe you have heard of Jamestown?

Or so I will go on proclaiming for all to hear ;)

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11 comments on "No, I don't really have an accent..."
  1. HAH I am from VA and do not have an accent but my husband is from the same place and has a twang!!! Not sure how it happened!!!

  2. Everyone always thinks I have an accent, but I never hear it! I love how "southern" accents change throughout the south.

  3. From way out West it sounds like everyone has an accent to me haha...yours is adorable blest... did I mention I have a new co worker from Virginia starting in a couple weeks?? I was so excited! haha she has the accent :)

  4. What's a suwanee? I've lived in Texas my whole life but apparently I don't have much of an accent, or that's what people tell me. Southern accents are cute, though! Everything sounds friendlier!

  5. haha! everyone tells me i have a new york accent and i dont hear it!

  6. Girlfriend I am right there with you! I am from a small farm town in North Carolina and I get it all of the time! What's worse is, I still live in NC - in Charlotte and I am TEASED by my accent. Us southern gals are the best ;) you're gorgeous! xo

  7. Haha, I think it depends what part of Virginia you're from, maybe? I'm from Northern VA and I don't have an accent, but now I live in central/southern VA and it's like a whole different country. :)

  8. Love accents, especially British accents like Kate Middleton! It's cute on her but soemtiems it's annoying. LoL!

    I'm from Durham and don't have an accent but I do say y'all. It's suuuuuuch a habit that I will never be able to break:)

    It's just a southern thing!:)


  9. This post had me in stitches! I read it to my hubby and he laughed just as hard...said you should write a book. You're so talented, and I love your accent! ;)

  10. I get it all the time too.... even from my family!!!

  11. I get it all the time too.... even from my family!!!


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