How Boring

And by boring, I mean not at all. Recently there has been some jokes around here based on a columnist from Charlotte that coined Raleigh "boring" Let's just say that I had my choice of where to live and we'll leave it with the Oak City topped the Queen City. And I have yet to be bored, especially this past weekend.

This is mainly going to be a large photo dump and if you follow my insta, then you have probably seen most of these, I am a cross poster. Love me or leave me;)

This will be a wrap up of the past 10 days, from Miami to Raleigh.

The first few pics were from our trip to Miami Beach, so beautiful and relaxing and I will have a more thorough post later.

Then, on Thursday, my sis in law and some friends came down from Virginia to see Chase Rice, Jake Owens and Kenny Chesney. What a great show.

and excuse me, but Jake Owen with short hair? Holy geez. Some guys look great with long hair. Jake Owen should keep his short. Just sayin.

Friday the mister and I headed downtown where food trucks were lined up and city plaza was closed off for a free outdoor movie. There was beer, music and lots of games leading up to Ferris Bueller. That movie never gets old.

Saturday we grabbed some brunch and during the day, Glenwood Ave went from a bar scene to a large slip n slide (this awesome picture is courtesy of my friend Kate), and that night we caught another outdoor movie, this time at the art museum. Dark chocolate and wine were on the menu this time.  and the company of one of my besties.

Yesterday we grabbed more brunch at one of our absolute favorite Raleigh stops, Oakwood Cafe. The empanadas. So delicious. And then we just spent the day (mainly trying to dodge the ironman traffic, but major props to everyone who participated!) shopping and eating our way through Raleigh. My chocolate chess pie was ridiculous.

Pretty boring, eh?

How was your weekend?

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7 comments on "How Boring"
  1. Outdoor movie night looked so good and all those sweets have me craving something delicious this morning!! not to worry I'm a cross poster too :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Definitely not boring! Sounds like a fanatic few days!! And that fruity drink in front of the water... currently dreaming : ) Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. I never felt bored when i was there!! Love the outdoor movies and all the food was making me hungry!! Jake Owen without the hair, oh my! ;)

  4. OMG so boring. And all the food in your pictures looks disgusting. haha. NOT!!! YUMMMM.

  5. What a gorgeous view! Doesn't look the least bit boring to me haah!

  6. Food trucks, outdoor movies, and slip n' slides... can't get much better than that :-D

  7. Not boring at all! Looks fun and delicious!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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