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I haven't done a random link up in awhile and my friend Mel hosts what's up Wednesday the last Wednesday of each month and so I figured I would participate and answer the questions this month. 

This week we're eating quite a variety, I am working on a few recipes for the blog and last night we had pizza at a local pizza shop that uses all fresh ingredients, their sauce is simmered with pork belly and it is beyond divine. and Then more ice cream sandwiches from Rose's Meat Market. 

I am reminiscing about the fact that this time 12 years ago I was just a few days away from becoming a "Mrs" I really cannot believe how time flies. It was one of the best days ever. 

I am loving the show Wayward Pines on Fox. It is completely funky and off kilter and I cannot get enough. I am also super pumped that True Detective is back on, although I am not sure I am digging the second season as much thus far. I am also enjoying having some time to lay out and swim. I love swimming!

We have been traveling all over the place and the trend continues over the next few months, actually we only have 2 weekends through September where we are in town. We've recently done Miami and Richmond and have the beach and mountains coming up with a trip with one of my besties to a weekend of wine tasting on the Yadkin Valley Wine Trail. 

I can't really think of anything off the top of my head that I am dreading at this point. Here's where I cross my fingers and hope it stays that way!!

I am working on numerous blog posts regarding various topics. Trying to come up with some new recipes and putting together a few new cocktails. Think pudding poptails...

I am excited about seeing my bestie this weekend and drinking wine and taking in Mayberry. That's right, we are staying in the town that the show Mayberry was based on. And there will be plenty of wine. 

It is always interesting when someone asks "what you're reading" If I am not actually reading this moment, then I am not reading a book. It is very and I mean very rare for me to start a book and not finish it that night. I usually read about 4 or 5 books a week. Some of the one I have read lately are Beautiful Ruins, Catherine and The Iron Witch Trilogy.

I have been on an Erasure kick lately. They were one of my favorites growing up and they have been keeping me company at the pool on the really hot days. 

Look, it has been over 97 degrees every day for 10 straight days, yesterday was 99 with the heat index at 108, I am living in tank tops and work out shorts or a cover up over my bathing suit. I will care about clothes again in September. 

As I mentioned I am headed to have a weekend of relaxation and wine tours with one of my besties in the Carolina Mountains and the land of Andy Griffith in Mayberry.  We're staying at a cabin on the grounds of a winery that over looks a bubbling brook. And yes, please. Then, on Sunday, it's my anniversary and we are having a nice dinner and going to catch an outdoor movie!

Next month I am headed to Pawley's Island South, Carolina and then a few trips home to Virginia before I head up to NYC for a few more culinary classes at The International Culinary Institute. I cannot wait!

3 comments on "What's Up Wednesday"
  1. Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer so far!

  2. I was hoping you were going to say you had a trip planned for here. :( Hope the next few months are filled with all the fun things! The trip to NYC sounds like fun!

  3. What a perfect round up! Love all your trips coming up, including the stay in Mayberry. I am loving Wayward Pines, too! xoxo


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