Cocktail: Loveday Potion #9

If you have been around these parts long enough, you know that besides bacon and a good book, I love cocktails. Most of my creations involve bourbon, but sometimes you have to change it up. One of the most interesting parts about creating cocktails is trying to come up with catchy names, My all time favorite is my "Naughty Southerner" and my second favorite would have to be the aptly named "McCall Me Maybe", which was named after my friend, McCall. That drink has led us to the Loveday Potion # 9 fittingly named after my friend, Melanie because, let's be serious, Loveday was begging to be a Valentine's drink. 

When I discussed the drink with Melanie, I asked her what her favorites usually were and she told me she was typically a wine drinker, I can work with that.  Wine actually pairs well in certain cocktails. For this particular one, I actually used a wine refresher, which was a bubbly wine by Barefoot, they sell them in small cans. I mean, hello movie theater;) 

When I set out to make this drink, I was going over possible juices, nectars, fruits etc that would give this drink a pink or red hue. I wanted to make a muddled raspberry version but at the last minute decided that pomegranate and pineapple would work well together for this cocktail. I have used them together before and wanted to try out how they would do with just each other and a little wine, no additional liquor. 

I like what I came up with and this drink can easily be made non alcoholic if you used ginger-ale or sparkling cider in lieu of the sparkling wine. 

I also used frozen pineapple versus ice. I prefer to do that with wine/champagne cocktails as they lessen the watered down taste you get when you use ice. 

As another note, I also had some prosecco on hand and made a second version using that. I think I swayed towards that a little more just because the prosecco was a little sweeter while the other version was more tart. They are both really yummy though!

LoveDay Potion #9 

1 1/2 oz pomegranate juice
1 oz pineapple
3 oz sparkling wine/spritzer
chunks frozen pineapple (optional)
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