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It may have taken me til I was 37 to get to Vegas, but rest assured we did it right. I mentioned in last week's post that we hit up Sedona/Scottsdale on our way to Vegas for my brother's 40th birthday. I have been pretty much all over the country, but never made it to Sin City til now. I will admit that there was tons more that I wanted to do, but we were having such a good time with some of our favorite people, I barely noticed what I missed out on. I will simply say that other than our Omnia experience, the Neon Museum is a must!

We stayed at Caesars and it was the perfect location on the Strip. It also houses Omnia nightclub which was, by far, the best "club" experience I have ever been privy to, including NYC, LA & Miami. It also probably cost more than each of those previous visits combined. Gulp. I will only say it was worth it. Look, when you are old, you will pay some cash money to have a table to sit at;) 

We had dinner at the Paris Hotel the first night we were there and my steak was incredible. We were supposed to eat at the Bellagio but there was the little detail of a shooting in front of the hotel and the Strip was closed off. I ended up happy with my meal and I won 55 bucks at the slot machine in The Paris, so I had no complaints. We headed back Caesars and gambled for a good bit. 

This is where I give my advice on Caesars. If you happen to get put in the Forum Tower, you must insist that you are on the 60th floor or above. I got in bed and my entire bed was knocking and not that kinda way. It happens to be directly above the Vista Club and it sounded like Calvin Harris himself was DJing in the room next door. Luckily for us, management was great and moved us (upgrade, cha ching) to the Palace Tower and we got an awesome suite. My other favorite part of Caesars was the attached mall. Completely crazy and the H & M came complete with a DJ spinning at 1pm. 

Saturday we kind of putzed around, enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast ( or you know, it was noon, so lunch) of a nutella and crema crepe. So beyond divine and then we got completely lost and I wanted an uber to pick me up from inside the casino because it was so insanely expansive and I am nothing if not lazy. 

That night we enjoyed dinner at Seersuckers in Caesars and it was incredible. My salmon was fantastic but, at the end of the day...it was salmon. However, we got sweet and spicy calamari steaks and potato and pork belly hash for appetizers and, suffice it to say, I could easily devour both of them every meal going forward. I also indulged in a spicy strawberry margarita. More spicy than not. 

Then it was time for Omnia and it was legitimately an experience I will never forget. There were 10 of us so that made it easier to split the minimum you have to spend to guarantee bottle service and a table.I just have zero interest in waiting in a two hour line and then being squished trying to dance. Maybe when I was in my twenties, now...no shot. Once we were in, we were led to our "table"  I am pretty sure they inadvertently gave our table away and that is how we ended up in one of the two suites they offer, I don't know and I don't care. Our suite was directly above the DJ and it came complete with our own bodyguard. Not a bad night. The LED chandelier was rather insane. It twisted and twirled and lights changed rapidly, pulsing to the beat. The chandelier alone was worth a visit to Omnia. 

And then I never went to bed. I was so pumped for the night I just couldn't calm down. Then the next afternoon we grabbed a bite and went to check out the Neon Museum. By far, one of my absolute favorite parts of the trip. This was so neat and I ascertained so much more background about Vegas than I had expected. The tour lasted roughly an hour. If you are able to take a night time tour, do that. I had an amazing time on the afternoon tour but I can only imagine how awesome it would be with all the lights lit up!

Our last event as a group was to catch the fountains at the Bellagio and then head downtown to Fremont St. Boith were fun and free, I am a fan of fun and I am an even bigger fan of free. 

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  1. The Bellagio is pretty place

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