Are You Lacking Class

or are you just plain lazy?

I have been sporadic and intermittent with my "blog a day challenge" but I knew from the very beginning that this was one I could easily ramble on about. and I am actually in town for the remainder of the month and may be able to finish the rest of the challenge.

"What is your pet peeve, get on your soapbox"

Let's be clear, I am the farthest thing from anal about life that you can get. I may get annoyed about something but almost always get over it.and quick. It takes a lot and I do mean a whole heckuva a lot to really piss me off...but perhaps I should digress.

My pet peeves are a dead tie.

The first one is people who leave their grocery cart just wherever the urge hits them. Maybe the parking lot looks good to them, or hey, maybe the curb with the bushes is what called to them as they were walking to their cars. Whatever, it sure as heck isn't the cart corral. just walked around an entire store shopping and you're that lazy that you cannot drop the cart off where it belongs?

 Give me a break.
 And since I nanny and on multiple occasions have had more than one child with me when I am shopping, I am gonna need you to spare me the whole "but what if I have kids with me and am afraid they will be kidnapped" spiel.
 Cause yes, I legitimately had someone use that as their reasoning once.
 It didn't fly then...and it still doesn't.

You're lazy. Plain and simple. Get over yourself.

(the picture turned out terribly blurry once downloaded to my computer. but you get the gist)
and secondly...

Girls who apparently suffer from what I like to reference as a "butt phobia" and are afraid of the mere possibility of their tush touching a public toilet seat. And I know plenty who are afflicted with this ailment. and I am not bothered by this at all, public toilets aren't exactly my favorite either...

But there is absolutely zero and I mean 0.00 percentage points of a reason that when you pop a squat over said toilet and hover(with your thighs quaking;) that if you miss a little and get some on the seat that you cannot clean your own business up!!!!

It is not my place, nor is it kosher, classy or even you having an iota of human decency for me to have to wipe up after you. Gross! Just because you have a fear of a toilet seat doesn't mean I should be your house maid or even worse, what if the next person has an even worse paranoia than you and now, they are popping a squat and fear they may slip and fall into your dribble.

Do all of America(and the world for that matter) a favor and wear depends when you're out in public...or at the very least, clean your own @#&* mess up!

Ain't nobody got time for that.

And I am done;)

Y'all have a good day now, ya hear;)
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5 comments on "Are You Lacking Class"
  1. Seriously!!! The whole pee drips on the toilet seat drive me bonkers too!

  2. OMG I completely agree with both of those!! They are AWFUL.

  3. Ahhhhh I hate toilet seat dribbles. It literally makes me cringe that like you said I have to wipe it up beacusec 1. I refuse to hover over someone's pee and 2. I won't want the next person to think it was me.

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