Avocado and Egg Salad

I should probably tell you first that I made this and didn't eat any as there are things in this life I love to eat and well.... avocado and eggs do not fall into that category  But I stumbled upon the picture on pinterest and promptly pinned it under my "for the mister" board knowing it would be right up Wiki's alley.

He was running late coming home from work on Friday and I had already eaten and when I looked in the fridge saw I had hard boiled eggs and we always have avocado on had and I remembered seeing this recipe and decided to whip it up. 

It seemed very simple and, to me at least, underwhelming...but alas, when he took the first bite his eyes slightly bulged and then he quickly inhaled the rest and just kept shaking his head in approval. I will take this as a sign that I must make it numerous times. 

6 hard boiled eggs
2 medium or 1 large avocado
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp dijon mustard
salt/pepper to taste
any spices you have on hand that you want to add

slice the avocado open and remove the pit, scoop the avocado out and put in large bowl. Slice the hard boiled eggs into pieces and add to bowl. Add in the tsp of dijon and drizzle in the olive oil. Add the salt pepper and any other spices. I used a pinch of curry powder. Combine using a fork, careful not to over stir. If you need to put this in fridge beforehand, place one of the pits in the bowl and remove before serving(this helps to keep it from turning brown too quick)

This would be great as a sandwich  but I think next time I may put in between quesadillas and add cheese. I will just have to do it on Wiki's cheat day...no carbs. Blah.

I also made a slightly different version and just sliced the eggs and avocado and drizzled it with bacon infused honey mustard,

I am including the picture and original link from where I found it, but I didn't use their recipe so if you want their specific one, you'll have to check it out.

If you want a tasty treat to accompany this, may I recommend a little frozen redneck margarita;)

I should probably not brag on how delish this was...but in reality.
Oh, it was so gooooood. Each can yielded two popsicles and you need to freeze them for at least two days and you should know they won't be frozen solid, more like a frozen slushy. 

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5 comments on "Avocado and Egg Salad"
  1. You don't like eggs or avocados?! I love both of those foods! I tried making tuna salad with avocado instead of mayo and it was really good, so I bet this is delicious too! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I dont know how I feel about the avocado egg salad! You know I've had trouble eating eggs and while I love avocado Im just uneasy about this! Me and my issue with textures lol!! Maybe Ill gather the courage to try it... just maybe :) xox!

  3. I don't like eggs, unless they're in a breakfast burrito - but I am slightly obsessed with avocado!! My husband on the other hand would love this!! :)

    Thanks for linking up with Ash and I!

  4. There you go with that delicious booze pop again!! Yum...oh, and the food? Love eggs and love avocados...this is right up my alley for a good lunch..you know me so well ;)

  5. Oh man, I love both eggs and avocado! :) I would never think to put them together. Interesting!


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