Louisville Limeade and a Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by. 
as they all do.
but this one was stock full of fun.

First up, I got my toes done to mimic a pin I had seen on pinterest

On Friday, I was at  The Devil's Den Walmart when I spied these babies.

 I had to run past them not to pop one open and try it right in the aisle. I think they frown upon that type of behavior. and it was midafternoon, so I refrained;)

Then, as I was pumping gas, I looked up to see ESPN playing on the tv on top of the gas pump. Craziness.
Wiki and I went to dinner at one of the many local bbq joints. I got a pineappletini to go with my hushpuppies. Some people like vinegar, some people like butter. I like drinks. and butter. I can't lie. I gorge those puppies in butter.

Then we went to see Admission. I actually really liked it. Was the perfect blend of humor and real life. I do love me some Tina Fey. 

Saturday, I ran some errands and cleaned the house before having Ashley over to try some new cocktails I was working on. We enjoyed some tasty treats served up with good girl talk. That is my favorite side dish.and macaroni, lest I pretend otherwise.

I came up with a few different drinks, some need a little more twerking. Which will be hard. As it always is when you have to spend an afternoon perfecting adult beverages. arduous work.

Then Wiki came home from a long day of work and surprised me with cupcakes from the cupcake bar. It is this shop in Durham that makes cupcakes based on tasty beverages
and it was finished off watching basketball. Both were absolutely great games!

Yesterday was much needed couple time. Our schedules have been hectic and we haven't really had a lot of time together to just talk and have low key conversation. 

We started the day off with brunch at this amazing New Orleans style restaurant, Battistella's. Oh my gosh, my belly was over the moon happy with me. It's located in the City Market area of downtown. The decor is very understated and I love the exposed brick.
I ordered a Hemmingway daiquiri  this is one of the drinks I learned to make in my classes at ICE in NYC. It was just as good as I remember!

I also love that the chef brought the food to our table and then checked back to see if we liked it. My kinda place.

Wiki got the shrimp and grits.
The fried green tomatoes were topped w/ a bacon and tomato jam.
 Unreal. I am in love.

Then we needed dessert. Obviously. and decided that we should travel from New Orleans to Brussels. 
We stopped by Benelux.Good decisions. Best waffle of my life.


Then we went to look for microwaves because ours decided she was retiring. and she didn't even give a notice. The nerve.

and our day ended with new lamps for our bedroom! Will show you those soon.

and that night, Wiki whipped me up one of his famous steaks while I watched the ACM's

and here is the recipe for the drink.

I was coming up with names for this and Louisville Limeade just fit. Louisville is one of my favorite towns(if you have never visited, it's a must!) and they're obviously known for their bourbon...which is a main ingredient of this cocktail.

It was only after I purchased all my ingredients and was putting it together that I realized it was Saturday and Louisville was getting ready to play in the Semi Finals.

Let me preface this by stating that this drink is not in their honor! Sorry bout it. Go Big Blue!

But their girls are playing in the Women's National Championship tomorrow and I am rooting for them to beat UCONN, so we will go with it is for them. Or Kevin Ware. I am definitely pulling for his recovery.

Louisville Limeade
2 parts Limeade(I used simply limeade)
1 1/2 parts cherry bourbon
1 part citrus vodka
1 lime for garnish
cherry for garnish.
Place all ingredients in shaker with ice and shake for at about 25-30 seconds, Place more ice in glass and strain into glass. Or for frozen, place all ingredients in blender and blend till desired consistency 

I placed my cherry on top and then added a little cherry juice I had that had been soaked in bourbon for a few weeks. add a lime wedge.


I googled it and apparently there is already a Louisville Limeade recipe out there...but it has no cherries, so I guess mine is the Louisville{cherry}Limeade.
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8 comments on "Louisville Limeade and a Weekend Recap"
  1. I love your toes! So cute! And those cupcakes look SO yummy....you had some super yummy food this weekend! Did you love the acm's? I Dvr'd it so i can watch it tonight!

  2. All of those drinks look delish and omg your toes!! I LOVE them!

  3. That Louisville Limeade sounds amazing I NEED to try it out. Looks like a great weekend!


  4. "i like drinks. and butter." Best quote EVER, I snorted trying not to laugh out loud in the middle of work.

  5. Shopping, cupcakes, and booze...jealous of your weekend. I got mud in my mouth during mine. Haha. Now if you excuse me...I have a Louisville Limeade to make. ;)

  6. So what did you think of the strawber-itas? I'm interested myself but too chicken to try.
    I watched the ACM's too but dang their sound sucked so bad! I love Miranda and Blake.
    I'm so thirsty now after reading this post.

  7. Cute nails! I love the colors! Your drink look mighty good too! Looks like you had a great weekend:) I'm stopping over from the Mingle Monday Blog:) Enjoy your evening!

    Lillies & Silk


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