Hellllloooo, Friday.

Dear Weather, welcome back to being in my favor!!! and this was definitely a little under, as it was 91 for at least a few hours the other day. 
As I have said before, I don't like to be comfortable, I like to be hot! 

Dear everyone, no, you're the first person to ever tell me how much I look like my mom. The very first.
Dear Zay, We are so proud of you for winning your state championship! and let's see, your 2 home runs, double, triple and stolen base. Just watch where you shine your ring, the glint from the sun is in my eye;)
We love you so much and wish we had been there!

 Dear new aqua tea kettle. Oh, you are proof it is the little things in life. I have missed my tea from a kettle, while a microwave gets the job done, there is something to be said for the joy that it brings me when you blow steam. 
Dear clearance find popsicle maker...you are even more proof that the best things in life may not be free, but pretty dearn close. I have also noticed I may have a problem. As in, I have only owned you for 4 days and I have already made 6 varieties...including pudding pops and a bourbon infused limeade. 
I may love you more than I should. 
 My morning smooothies got a lot more run from previous happy, these were the remnants of my pineapple  kiwi and pomegranate somoothie. Can I get a yummmmm.

Dear America  get with the program and come eat and visit Durham. The food here is some of the best you will eat and the shops are awesome, plus we are the home of the Durham Bulls. We beat out such cities as Charleston, New Orleans and Austin...if you have ever eaten any of those amazing cities...you know how big  a deal this is.

Dear daddio, you are so handsome, but more than anything, you are a man of such integrity and moral character  I am, as always, so proud to be your daughter. and I love this picture of you.

And I know I am supposed to parlay my crappies to match my happies, but for the most part I had a good week, the few things that did go wrong are to do with things that just don't need to be verbalized. Except for the fact that all week I have had to see Peyton and Eli Manning using our facilites at Duke and hearing about Manning throwing to Welker. The only person who should be throwing to Welker is Brady...Waaaaaaah. Ok, tantrum over.

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  1. Hi. Stopping by via the linkup! Can't wait to explore!

    Can't even wait till we have weather like that. Here in Michigan it is either cold with rain or cold with snow! Bleh, I need some sun!

    Hope you can stop by A Day in My Life soon! :)

  2. Hey! Stopping by from the linkup!
    Can't wait to read more from your cute blog!
    Feel free to stop by & say 'Hi' =)

  3. Bourbon infused limeade popsicles? I love you.


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