CaraBox Reveal Goes Green

This month was a little tricky at first. When I first saw that the theme was "green" I was slightly flummoxed at is what as to what I may possibly be able to find that would not only fit my budget, but in a box to send. and then I decided to think outside of said box.

I was matched up with two lovely ladies this month. and I enjoyed getting to know them both.

First up is Heather from Lawless Life. She has a fun personality and we had a lot of similarities  We both love lots of music, reading and getting our Jesus on. and her hair...She has the most glorious red hair. Had so much fun getting to chat with you this month.

Amanda(Mama & Co) is next and the blogger I received my carabox from. I must say...Amanda is a fabulous name. It is my first name after all;) That's right, Madison is my middle name. Little known fact to throw at you today;)

She is a busy mom and student right now, but she still found time to get me quite a few awesome items. I was really excited at the goodies she sent me and if I am honest, maybe the nicest handwriting I have ever seen. poor Heather...she may still be trying to decipher my note, handwriting is not my strong suit.

and now, what you are all here for, the good stuff.

 Love how she wrapped and numbered.
(note to self, get better at packaging)

water bottle. so I can refill and not waste plastic.
 grow your own basil set. My husband is stoked.
EOS all natural lotion.
EOS all natural lip balm
Grapefruit lotion by Burts Bees, all natural.

Fun fact, Burts Bees is in Durham and I know quite a few people who work there and I have an overabundance of their chapsticks and lip glosses. I never even heard of this lotion. Awesome and I plan to start pandering my friends for more when I run out.

And the EOS lotion. I had never even seen that, I was familiar with the lip balm(which is fabulous) but I cannot even tell you how amazing this stuff smells. 
Oh Lawdy, it is scrumptious.

Once again I am so glad I was able to take part in this exchange and get to know two different ladies, thanks so much to Kaitlyn for this, she really puts in a lot of work to send out all the emails and set it up for all the bloggers to participate.

If you want to partake in next month's exchange, 
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2 comments on "CaraBox Reveal Goes Green"
  1. I'm so glad you loved everything!! and my handwriting is so sloppy hahha.

  2. I love EOS, you got some great stuff :)


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